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  1. I need to buy a new mic to record my "Bossa Nova". In May I'm traveling to Chicago and I think in June I might work on my track again. Wake up people!
  2. I really wanted Zylance on Where Am I Going track. Based on his track Supmap Emissary at DKC3, it'd be amazing. Is anyone here able to convince him? How about a petition?
  3. Hey Rockos. Are you really intending to claim Dungeon Full of Monsters? I was thinking about to do a wip for this track, but I saw your post.
  4. Simply amazing! I'm totally addicted here! Congratz everybody!
  5. I rly dig this! It's amazing! Great guitar lead tone! I love the gran finale! The battle song is an excelent source to harmonize guitars. I intend to make a remix of this Battle theme someday. My critiques part go to the drums. IMO, drums in a metal song need to be impactful, in the front, hitting the ears. The cymbals are properly highlighted, but the snare has a very plastic tone. In my phone I can't hear the bass, but these phones here aren't good. Tell me, what hi-gain tones did you use?
  6. I almost started dancing here! ahdhehe. It's cool, but I agree it is a bit repetitive. And I miss heavy basses, but it can be my earphones.
  7. I dig this! Good atmosphere! Drums need life! I like the drums line, but it isn't so striking as a good metal drums must be. And it is too short. I'd love hear your improvisations over the source.
  8. Awesome... Sweet.. Man, you can't stop! Quit the job and go make music!!!
  9. Wow! Did you update the drums or m I crazy? This is fantastic now! This is a killer track. I'll listen it with my good phones later to critique better.
  10. it's awesome man! Very well-done! I love the intro and all the groove.... but I think that the lead is very loud for me... The lead and the synths spinning in the pan. very loud things spinning in the pan confuse me a little bit.. and the song loses with this. It can be your style, but, maybe normalizing the volumes a little bit can let the song more enjoyable. Congratz!
  11. I hate waterlevels. Then... probably the problem is me.
  12. I don't think that Pokemon Stadium is an awesome game but you must be the king of patience to fight Chansey...
  13. Did anybody say? Water stage at Super Mario 64. To our luck, the music (dire dire docks) is excellent, but the stage...
  14. Great remix! It's a classic and good trance. You are a pro in this style! Congratz!
  15. It's frantic dude! Great guitars. The drums could be more worked, with more variations, imo, less reverb and more compression. But it is personal preference. Hope to listen the final version soon!
  16. wow! I almost missed this piece. I am making a song colection to listen before sleep and this is perfect!! Thank you man for this awesome track!
  17. Hmm.. nice work here. Love the mood and rythm! The initial background synth is a little loud and dry for me. And I think that the lead saw is too agressive.. this contrasts with the relaxed atmosphere of the music. keyboards solos are amazing! Congratz!
  18. Hmmm.. One day I'll buy a PS3 to check this.
  19. Excelent and It couldn't be different! It's good to listen some trance sometimes, to escape of this wave of dubsteps.
  20. Another Aquatic Ambience?? Yeeah! One of my favorite tracks and very well done! Love the mood at 1:40. From there is the differential. Hope to listen more of your mixes soon!
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