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Kraken (Dead Man's Chest)


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After the hype and unfinished tale of PotC1, anyone could have guessed there would be a second film. I never really supported their new "super exaggerated" style, which put the first film in total shadows, but then who am I. I kindly stole the idea for heavy usage of anvils and double basses from the original Lineage 2 soundtrack and I believe it fits quite well with the really dark atmosphere of this song. Dracula's organ was more than mandatory, considering Davy Jones. I know the arrange doesn't really deviate all that much from the original, but it's just practice for me, and I like doing it.

Unleash the kraken:


Arrange http://soundcloud.com/ravensjig/kraken-wip

Any commentary is welcome~

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Sounds pretty good. Arranging a piece to be similar to the original is actually really great practice for writing original material or more complex arrangements. I used to do it a lot, although back then, all I had was the basic midi, and later some free soundfonts, lol. Having sample libraries is really nice to have now, lol.

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