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Inspirational Guitar Beat With Motivational Hook

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New beat that has a nice uptempo guitar and uplifting vibe:


(1st beat on the page, should start automatically)

Meant to be a song about recovering from a breakup or possibly a reflection on someone's death. Wanted to keep the drums really loose on this one to give it a more "lively" style but I might have gone a little overboard with it so let me know if you think the drums should be tightened up a bit or if you're diggin the natural style. Beat also doesn't have much variation at all but it does have a nice sampled chorus so check that out too! Let me know what you think!!

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yeah, my mixing skills still needs to come up a bit more to really give my beats that extra push, especially when listening to them on different systems

and yeah, the tag is in all the beats; the tags are only there so that people can't record the audio off the website and even more-so because all the beats are available for free with the catch that they are tagged. but if someone purchases a lease to the beat, then they get the untagged version; it's just to encourage people to purchase a lease instead of just downloaded the beat for free

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