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Touhou Koumakyou - Beloved Tomboyish Daughter


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Yesterday was 9 september, which may not signify anything at all. For some, 9/9 (or ⑨/⑨) is like Cirno's unofficial birthday! Though after all these years, long-time Toho fans are probably getting a bit sick of the nineball memes. Especially those who were around during 9 september 2009. If I can be entirely honest, I don't agree Cirno is actually that stupid. She is intelligent enough to build a house (or igloo) and develop new techniques (see Fairy Wars). Anyway, more to the point; coming all the way from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Touhou 6), you will see hundreds of different Cirno arranges on the internet due to its relative long lifetime. Most of them try to capture an either childish, tomboyish, playful or cute sound in Beloved Tomboyish Daughter (more recently called Tomboyish Girl in Love). I tried to capture a totally different feeling, see links below~


Arrange: http://soundcloud.com/ravensjig/ice-cold-cirno

All commentary is welcome and very appreciated~, prefix is set to "Finished" though I'll gladly improve my arrange if I understand the suggestions

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