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  1. I played around with some different options for the 3:47 section that Wiesty mentioned because I completely agreed that the song was losing momentum there. I ended up recording a bit of a guitar solo for it but honestly I'm having trouble determining whether it fits the track well or not. I'm not exactly a great guitarist or soloist. Any feedback on this would be very helpful. Solo starts at around 4:04. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the feedback Wiesty! I'll definitely give this another pass before submitting it.
  3. I finally bit the bullet and re-recorded the guitars for this. Going to switch to review because I feel more or less done.
  4. Thanks Vidilian. I've worked on this some more and am actually pretty happy with how it's coming along. I'm still not 100% on the introduction of the vocals at 2:36 -- after I first recorded them they struck me as sort of jarring and unexpected -- but I've become so accustomed to them that I can't really accurately judge anymore. I'm pretty happy with the rest of it though. I think I'll give it one or two more passes before calling it finished but I'd love to hear some more opinions on what might be improved before I do.
  5. *Waves hand* Sorry I haven't been able to contribute to the Dracula bracket. Honestly it was kind of a relief to get knocked out because I've been struggling with school enough as it is. Too bad everyone else seems to have had similar problems...
  6. I really like your arrangement of the other two sources though. Especially the way you treated the piano part from Inner Quarters -- I have not been able to integrate it that cleanly into my mixes!
  7. I sent mine in a few days ago, just want to make sure that's the one you've got?
  8. I don't know how they could be made any clearer though. The format is literally spelled out in the first post.
  9. Oh well, mistakes happen. It's unfortunate but nothing to feel bad about!
  10. Chernabogue, likewise :P. I'm happy with the result though. Looking forward to hearing your mix!
  11. Yay! Mixing is on hold for me until a new set of guitar strings arrive since I didn't think to check that I had any ahead of time and none of the stores in my area sell ones that are heavy enough XD.
  12. Chernabogue, I keep thinking your source is about to turn into Dr. Wily Stage every time it gets to that fast part :P. This is a going to be a weird mashup XD. Edit: Also those signatures are great, but I can't figure out how to use mine...
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