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Valis-Stage 1 Remix


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It's been awhile since I posted anything for some ears on this forum so I thought I would post one of my current mixing fodder remixes.

I'm probably going to start mixing it down all over again but is there anything that I should pay specific attention to? I know my leads sound a bit lifeless but anything on the production end of things would help.


For reference here is the Genesis Version:

And the remade version for the Turbo Grafx (my favorite)

BONUS POINTS! To anyone who doesn't bring up Valis X while discussing this remix. :cry:

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OMG my childhood is coming back to me!!! I remember Valis was one of the first games i played on the SEGA CHANNEL back in the good ol Genesis days! I never got to play part 2 though!

I like the arrangement, kind of modernizes the old 80's anime feel with squeeling guitar solo's and some good synths.

The levels on the rhythm guitar might need to come up, if this is supposed to be more geared towards metal... It also sounds very mechanical, i dont know if that's supposed to be on purpose, but it could do with some loosening up of the playing. Sounds rigid to me.

Other than that it sounds awesome!

Please make more Valis tracks!

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Thanks for the response. I wasn't feeling much love when I posted this...

I'm working on getting the guitars much more balanced. It seems like the more I try the worse it gets :???: If anyone who plays guitar wants to contribute to this i'd be more than happy to have it.

You can skip Valis II, complete garbage except for the soundtrack. I took a little time to hunt down the entire Valis Collection between the TurboGrafx and Genesis. Very fun games with a steep difficulty curve, stroke inducing boss fights, and plenty of Tn'A! All with the most ridiculous dialogue...


"My intro was a bit flashy... do you like it?"

"Why do you do something like that?"

"Ask your sword!"

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