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  1. This genre is up my alley so i'm down. In case there's not enough interest in Hollow Knight specifically i'd be open to having a open source album of this nature.
  2. That Sonic CD one. Temporal something... That Skies of Arcadia one. Arcadia ...somethings. and the last badass album. Para-somethings and Rene-somethings. The fact i was on these albums is irrelevant... but in order to at least attempt to not seem biased I'd add Vroom to the list as well.
  3. Just wanted to say... I love that you use the classic gamepro rating face for your profile pic. Congrats on the album release. Some great stuff here.
  4. The examples seemed a little too genre ambiguous to pinpoint but the second one reminded me of some punk electronic stuff from Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode and The Prodigy. I'd start there and see if you find what you are looking for.
  5. oh, I thought you were going to point out that the first section of the music is all root position chords leading to a long run of parallel 5ths. While more recent piano renditions of the piece fix this problem, generally, parallel 5ths and octaves are to be avoided in western and western influenced music. So yea, it sounds a bit "sad" in that regard. XD but you mean actually sad. Like emotion sad. Gotcha. I agree that Green Hill Zone is definitely more intimate and melancholy. Dare I say even slightly lugubrious and wistful, but that's what made the game stand out further from the competition. Nakamura was a great fit for the first two games and even though i'm loving jun senoue's work i was always secretly bummed out that Sega never brought Nakamura back in during the Sonic Adventure days. It would have been glorious imo after that whole thing with Michael Jackson, his sound team, and Sonic 3.
  6. We should really have a month where every thread from the mid 2000's still on the forum gets necro-bumped.
  7. I used something called Lightworks years ago. It's free and open source but your best bet is either catching vegas pro on a steam sale or biting the proverbial adobe bullet.
  8. EW products are almost always on sale. I'd have to try to buy anything they made at original price these days. Not that I need to because I have most of everything they made thanks to certain reddit communities. Come join us over at r/audioproductiondeals and indulge in the worst that gear acquisition syndrome has to offer.
  9. Back in the day as a fledgling remixer the BadAss albums were a standout release from the community. I'm extremely proud to have made it onto this album release remixing one of my absolute favorite games and also getting Willrock to do a solo for it. Congrats on the release David and Pieter!
  10. O sweet. This one made it through the panel. Somehow. :] Thanks again @WillRock for doing a great solo on short notice for this. It really tied the room together as the Big Lebowski fans tend to say. Link to the music video for the track. I think you'll tell how much i love this damn game.
  11. Sorry for derailing the topic into a witcher 3 appreciation thread. :] but it is getting released in 2021 for next gen consoles so I guess it still applies. Playing 1 and 2 from way back in the day left a lot to be desired after having played Elder Scrolls and all of that. The games had their charm but felt underdeveloped. Witcher 3 was nailed so completely and had so much work put into it that the CEO of CDPR looked like his soul had left his body after it's release. https://images.app.goo.gl/hbLC48son8kL1hju7
  12. 1 and 2 are very imperfect games. 1 crashes a lot too or at least that was the chief complaint when i played it many years ago.The OST for it is fantastic though. 2 you are going to need eye surgery after trying to read the text in that game for 30 hours. Even at it's best setting the text is unreadably small but there may be a mod for it now. 3 has plenty of character development along with along with everything you need to know about the world so you can jump right in with that one. There are Easter eggs for fans of the series of course but they aren't deal breakers for any of the various plots in the game. Only thing I would chide 3 over is not doing nearly enough with the elven anti-human "terrorists" known as the Scoia'tael. The books have a lot that revolves around them and games 1 and 2 refer to them often. That's about it for criticism tough. Good stuff.
  13. Hey everyone just wanted to give you all a heads up that my first commercial track is being released today on all platforms. It's a melodic deathmetal instrumental with inspiration from Synthwave and Darkwave genres of which i've developed an obsession over for the past few years. I'm using this track to test the waters and if it does well enough i'll have an entire album of similar material to finish up and release. at 7PM EST i'm doing a listening party "live show" to debut the music video on my youtube channel so come by if you would like to check out what blasting 80 hours into After Effects looks like. Enjoy!
  14. Life changing. If you like Horizon which was a very very good game, there is much more of what made horizon good in The Witcher 3. Horizon is better than 95% of all games but The Witcher 3 is in that last 5%. CDPR also had a hand in assisting with the development of Horizon. Only thing I would give Horizon over The Witcher 3 would be that the ranged combat felt better and the combat overall was less demanding. The Witcher 3 has no problem killing you off until you figure out what you need to do though it's not nearly as bad as games like Sekiro. So if you enjoyed Horizon you should definitely also enjoy The Witcher 3 and vice versa.
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