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    I've been in love with game music since I first booted up Toejam n' Earl on Christmas day 1991. A decade later I majored in music. I love just about every form of music on the planet.

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  1. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    heya old teammate! Just currently waiting on the final round to be posted. A few hours to go until the two week mark. :/
  2. Garpocalypse

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    Love some Destruction Derby. That, Wild Arms, Twisted Metal and BAT make this a must buy imo. Glad we are getting the original Twisted Metal and not the pure garbage that was TM 3 and 4...
  3. Garpocalypse

    Remixes lost without the remixed game name

    Wow look who just came by. Blast from the past. :]
  4. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    Track is uploading. Now I just gotta figure out what to call it... edit: subbed. no idea what this monstrosity is but hope you can all get at least some measure of enjoyment from it.
  5. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    Outside of it ushering in a whole new era of darkness in what will forever be described as the Garpocalyptic Era of OCReMix. Probably nothing.
  6. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    @DarkeSword How about if we up the stakes for the last round of this competition? I think it's only fitting that the competition director should grant whatever wish the winner desires amiright? If I win I get to take your place as guest judge for a month.
  7. Garpocalypse

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 6 - Proto Man Bracket

    Whoah.. Wait. What? Those numbers can't be right. This track was my take on new jack swing, which a much younger Garpocalypse was infatuated with back in the day, and the reception of it seems to be better than I was expecting by far. @SuperiorX Almost all of the synth parts utilized UVI's Darklight IIx which is a collection of sounds taken from the classic Fairlight. The patch I think you are referring to was Slap Bass Wah or something along those lines. I think it sounded frog like enough to title the track based on it. UVI really has a solid collection of quality stuff in their Vintage Vault. @Jamphibious It's too early to be talking rematch already! We still have some votes coming in! Honestly though I think you did a great track with some more faithful and familiar interpretations of the sources.
  8. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    No idea what's going on but this competition suddenly going dark with 2 completed entries being held for almost 2 weeks isn't a good sign. @DarkeSword If Round 6 isn't up by wednesday night I will be withdrawing and most likely re-purposing my track.
  9. Garpocalypse

    Remixes lost without the remixed game name

    Did a spot check. Only recognized three so far. Higher Confidence: Star Ocean 3/Valkryie Profile Confidence in the Domination. (pretty much a rip) TenguBlaster: MegaMan 8 Saturn Version. Tengu Man Stage Refuge: Phantasy Star III Town Theme I know I heard First Place somewhere. I want to say it was a Sega racer of some sort but I can't place it. Then again I might just be confusing it with that Do-op Do-op song from the muppets...
  10. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    Going on a week now since Round 6's tracks were due... any updates @DarkeSword??
  11. Garpocalypse

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 4 & 5

    It's the Emulator II Shakuhachi which was a patch used in a lot of 80's music like the start of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer and Sadeness from Enigma and a sound I wanted for awhile. I finally was able to get it when I picked up UVI's Vintage Collection which includes all of their retro synth romplers. My only problem with UVI's EMU II Shakuhachi patch is that it's fairly limited and unflexible due to the sample used in the rompler not having much of an attack. Fast passages don't sound like anything regardless of the attack settings on the interface. Sustains though sound ok though and you know how much I like those :). For this competition I aimed to emphasize one retro synth with each mix. My round 6 entry makes use of the Fairlight CMI IIX rompler. glad you enjoyed it!
  12. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    Mak noooooooooooo! You just had to push arceace to get something in didn't ya? :] I kid, arceace did some solid work and there's no way I'm getting through this jamphib match up unscathed... looking forward to the round getting posted. Just don't disappear for 3-5 years again. We gotta do a jet moto or twisted metal remix at some point.
  13. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    subbed. @Jamphibious, may the winner's legacy be fulfilled and the loser anguish in purgatory of the deepest and darkest sub forums at OCRemix. :]
  14. Garpocalypse

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    Yea I was really looking forward to this match up with you since it was these compos that made me a fan of yours in the first place. Got something special planned for this round. ...Here's hoping it all comes together. :]
  15. Garpocalypse

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    This decade? Seconding The Witcher 3. First game had charm and a fantastic soundtrack but wasn't all there. I remember towards the end of the game it would crash about every 30 seconds. The second game was fun but felt too small. The third game made me remember what it was like to have a game that resonated so well with you which I had not experienced since I first played FFVII all those years ago. (it's awesome not overrated) Runner Up would be Overwatch i guess. Didn't want to play that game at all the first time I I saw it but somehow I managed to sink almost 500 hours of my time on this planet since it launched. Soldier 76 for life. oh and uhh freedom planet... because it's better than undertale.