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    I've been in love with game music since I first booted up Toejam n' Earl on Christmas day 1991. A decade later I majored in music. I love just about every form of music on the planet.

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  1. Garpocalypse

    Advice on Channeling Creativity from Anxiety

    Find out what you need to increase your creativity/productivity and not focus on your lack of ideas or issues with finishing your work. For example I know I respond best in a competitive environment and when I am not engaged like that my productivity goes south no matter how much time I put into working on my stuff. So in order to put myself into that mindset I try to keep in mind that: "Right now, there is someone doing something similar to you that is getting better by the day and is trying to attain what you want." And that pretty much does the trick to get me to get a track out of creative purgatory and complete something.
  2. Garpocalypse

    I want to build you a computer

    Ditto to this. I built my first machine 2 years ago and consulted with him about the various aspects of building a PC that could be used for music. Brad was a huge help recommending parts to use and I ended up with an awesome PC that was right on budget. In short, Brad is a stand up guy. Buy from him.
  3. Garpocalypse

    NEW ALBUM - COLOURS by PRYZM (Electro Organic Prog)

    Congrats on the release and nice job on the album, I listened to it all morning. As a matter of personal taste I've never been overly fond of the vast majority of modern prog rock, JR's Rhythm of Time being far away my favorite, but I really dig your work here. Ditto to Colour of Time being a standout as well.
  4. Garpocalypse

    Sonic Mania

    been playing this on steam since it launched but I am definitely going to have to buy a physical copy just for that classic genesis reversible cover.
  5. Most DAW's have a "split tool" that accomplishes what you are asking for. You might want to look into getting the cheapest version of a DAW, such as Studio One Artist for 50 bucks, and see if it accomplishes what you need. The free program Audacity also has this function though honestly i've never used it so I can't vouch for how well it works. You might want to start there and see if it works how you want it to.
  6. Garpocalypse

    1. recruiting Final Fantasy XIV remix album

    I'd consider joining but I am really only interested in doing a remix of an old battle theme that i've wanted to do since I heard it when 1.0 launched and has since been repurposed as a heavensward dungeon theme. If you open up the limitations in the future look me up and i'll stake my claim.
  7. Garpocalypse

    OverClocked ReTreat

    Having relocated from new york to texas one year ago i would definitely be down for this. Fayetteville is about 4 hours from where I am.
  8. Garpocalypse

    Skies of Arcadia OC ReMix Project Album - "Arcadia Legends"

    Nice work on the trailer. I'll admit I felt a giddy little thrill at hearing my track on it.
  9. Garpocalypse

    Super MAGFest 2018

    Was really hoping to go this year but due to the therapy company i've been working for getting bought out recently myself and the rest of the remaining staff all lost our vacation/sick time. Which sucks because I really would have loved having a chance to chat with Gareth Coker and see Jun Senoue play. Hope you all have fun!
  10. Garpocalypse

    Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    I also continue to give consent. In the spirit of the season feel free to Ho' out my remix for the benefit of the site.
  11. Garpocalypse

    Steam Sale - What's Your Damage?

    Still compiling a list but Mutant Football League is on there for sure.
  12. Garpocalypse

    Disney In Talks To Buy Most of Fox

    I'd be more interested in seeing Marvel Vs Die Hard. Movie, Game I don't even care at this point. Just give me Bruce Willis pounding some sense into RDJ and i'm a happy guy.
  13. Garpocalypse

    A thank you to the community

    oh... right. forgot about that.
  14. Wow, it's been a fast two years... @Kat and @timaeus222 have said what needs to be said so i'll keep this short. All previous comments that were made in my post still stand. Maybe some things were changed as you say but unless someone is intimately familiar with each of your versions the changes that were made are not going to be noticed. Honestly I think you worked yourself into a corner with what is probably a massive, cumbersome project. If it takes hours of work to make what ends up being barely noticeable changes then your best bet would be either start over or keep what's working and cut the rest. In this case I would recommend you keep the intro and give yourself one entire stating of the source to work with. That means cutting roughly 9-10 minutes of what's here. BUT with that entire chunk of source you have left try to reinterpret it in various different ways. Change some things, play with it and see if anything sparks your own creativity. You can use other areas of the timeline in your DAW as scrap work to use later on if that helps. Once you have some ideas down then you'll have a remix that is much more engaging and not just something that sounds like it's on endless repeat.
  15. Garpocalypse

    Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    Doesn't need to be the first game in the franchise you play but definitely hit FFT at some point. I remember when it was first revealed being really put off by the characters, whose heads all looked like melon's with eyes, but it's easily my second favorite final fantasy game.