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  1. Haven't used my odyssey in awhile but if someone wanted to get an OCR VR group together for Big Screen, VRChat or anything else I'd be up for it.
  2. Not to self promote or anything... Too hard... But I recently compiled and released a few EP I did that were inspired by the game Aquaria. You can check it out here With my posted remix from the game here:
  3. Yea but...look. They have an ELevAt0r LevELl!! 100% faithful to the series, going to be awesome. So hype. So. Freaking. Hype. Can't shake this Street fighter 4 gameplay vibe I see so much of in this trailer though. Juggle combos in Streets of Rage? But as long as the lead pipe hits are as satisfying as they were in SOR2 I know I'll be happy. :]
  4. You've been on these forums with me for years now ros so I would be surprised if you didnt recognize some of these :] This is more of a compilation of tracks that I did over the years that were inspired by the game and due to the tragic death of Alec Holowka I've decided to collect and release them in tribute. I'm including my remix of Icy Waters as part of the pack but outside of that none of these are rearrangements of any specific track from the OST but I did probably inadvertently pepper the arrangements with quotes and near quotes from the soundtrack when I was making them. Truthfully I've always felt tied to this game and it's soundtrack from the moment I first came across it so I'm glad to get my own arrangements out there. The art at 1:00 was made by Catie Vercammen-Grandjean who freaking nailed exactly what I wanted the cover to look like and even animated it.
  5. Hey OCR, Spent the evening working on this trailer for an EP I'll be releasing for free on December 24 on my website. Check it out.
  6. Good ol Buttville. Classic. Another one that's been on my too be remixed list for at least a decade.
  7. Ring out clearly? Just how clear are you talking anyway?? I love high gain rhythm guitars and if you are planning on picking up an actual guitar and playing the parts then you are going to need a decent DI box to get the more refined professional tone. Rule of thumb: if you play with active pickups use a passive DI box and vice versa. If you are using midi guitars like Shreddage or Heavier7Strings you'll want to make sure you know how to correctly output your sampler to seperate faders loaded with the amp sims. i.e. Left channel is one guitar and right channel is another. You'll want to out those guitars to 2 mono faders panned left for the left guitar and right for the right guitar. If you don't look into this step you may very well be panning the exact same guitar to the left AND right channels and even if you use different amps it will not sound nearly as wide as your vst is capable of.
  8. What is with this track? I don't know but the judges were way off with this one. It's like someone turned on a noise generator and tried to pass it off as a ReMix. <_< >_>
  9. As part of the Dreamcast Flood I just upped my first music video for my track that was posted earlier today on my Youtube Channel. Spent a good amount of time learning how to green screen with After Effects and finally created something not entirely unwatchable.
  10. Probably just decided to go with the better version... XD That Lion King game was tough as nails as I remember. Having rewind and all of those for-casuals-only features should make it beatable for the age group it was intended for finally.
  11. I'm no pro at creating the visual aspects for the Youtube medium but having been at this for 1.5 years and am only now just finishing up my first music video that's not completely unwatchable, I can share some of the very general things i've learned. Expect to spend significantly more time in your studio if you choose to go this route but if you have the social life to slay then definitely go for it as creating all aspects of a music video is very rewarding... ...just not in any monetary way... You can start by looking up some animated work you are fond of and find out what programs they use. Mostly though you are going to decide between working with a 3D modeling program like blender or a 2D VFX program like After Effects. There is some overlap between the two but what you choose is GREATLY going to impact how you work and how much time it takes to render. I was interested in learning Blender up until a short time ago as I realized just how long it would take to create and render a simple 10 second animation. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to hit a few hundred hours at least before you know enough to create something original, I decided After Effects was more what I wanted to go for and spending what time I could on it would be more beneficial. Once you've pulled the trigger on a piece of software start looking up various tutorials to create what interests you. Something to keep in mind though is that unlike the way a lot of DAW's are these days not a whole lot of what you learn beyond the various theories carries over between programs well. To clarify, if you start with something like Blender due to the low cost of entry (free) then decide to jump to something else it will be like learning from the ground up again so spend some time doing your research beforehand. Good luck with your project!