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  1. If they somehow manage to get the Valis series on this it'll be a must buy for me. Never owned a turbo grafx but I did really really want one back in the 16 bit days.
  2. On the Rammstein--y side of things but with more energy. i'm digging it. this making it onto your next EP/Album? :]
  3. Michael Jackson's music. It was a conspiracy for years that MJ and his sound team did the music for the game but Sega didn't acknowledge it until, relatively, recently due to... certain allegations. A few years ago when the then unreleased Hard Times by The Jetzons, which MJ keyboardist Brad Buxer was a member of, made it to Youtube and ended up being nearly note for note the same as Ice Cap Zone's theme despite being recorded in 1981 it pretty much sealed it.
  4. I've played 20 minutes of Virtua Fighter 2 for the Genesis and that's all anyone would ever need to play... No idea why this game makes it into nearly every single collection. Excited as all hell for Road Rash being a part of this collection. There was a time when EA was putting out damn good games if anyone remembers back that far. :/ If you haven't yet check out Sega Head's videos on YT. He's an up and comer but puts out good stuff.
  5. Here is my remix for one of the many forgotten Capcom fighting IP's that I did for the most recent DoD competition. Enjoyed playing the first Star Gladiator on the PSX and when I was able to get my hands on the sequel for the Dreamcast the OST was absolutely my kind of shit. To say that this source has been on my to be remixed list for awhile is an understatement. Proud of this one because it's the first completed VG Remix I recorded with my new ESP Eclipse that I acquired not too long ago and this remix turned out better than expected. Might change a few things before I submit this but I plan on getting it in to the panel soon. Have at it. Source:
  6. As a long time Sonar user I was looking to jump ship after the Gibson fiasco. However, Bandlab regularly has been releasing updates to Sonar Platinum and it's now a better, more stable product than it was under Rol... well Gibson anyway. Sonar 8 will always be the best days of the DAW even though the interface was clunky as all hell to use but it was the most stable version of the DAW from Cakewalk ever. There are some annoyances that never have been addressed in Sonar like not being able to rearrange the synth rack and frequently needing to reset the piano roll grid in order to get MIDI to draw in correctly. ...and don't even get me started on how worthless the Staff View is but outside of that it's a great piece of software that is up there with Pro Tools and Cubase.
  7. My favorite band in the world had a very weak album release in Armageddon back in 2016 when compared to their earlier stuff but it did have a track loaded with video game references so i continue to love them. Also I've been listening to a lot of Insomnium lately.
  8. There's probably some argument to be made how my first game purchase wasn't actually with my own money but when I was around 14 years old our house had just gotten a computer and I was spending a rather pathetic amount of time playing on Segasoft's long forgotten multiplayer gaming site The thing about this site was that they payed you in their virtual currency called "degrees" while you played games with other people. The other thing about this site is that for a $50 annual membership you could spend your degrees on full retail games at first from the Segasoft store and then later from a store called Chips and Bits and shipping could also be covered by this virtual currency if you had enough to tack on. However due to some extremely poor business planning on SegaSoft's part it was VERY easy to pay $50 for the membership then walk off with $100+ worth of games/hardware/accessories over the course of the year depending on how much you played. ...and I had a bad Quake 2 CTF addiction. Within a few months I had the 50000 degrees and a few thousand more to cover the shipping for a little game called Vigilance which was a 3rd person shooter with an absolutely insane multiplayer deathmatch and was at the time the most hyped game coming from Segasoft. The day i received that game in the mail was unforgettable. ...and with Vigilance and Quake 2 taking most of my waking life I was eventually able to walk off with 3 cheap Sega Saturn games, 2 launch games for the Sega Dreamcast and a rumble pack all before the year membership was up, and that was AFTER the switch from 1000 degrees=$1 to 5000 degrees=$1. Before that I was planning to cover the launch of the Dreamcast with what I had earned through playing. So yea, cheers to the late which made all of that possible and it's terrible business model which led to it's fast demise.
  9. Thrilled that they finally ditched AtGames. This is going to be the mini console sega fans have wanted for ages. Never mind that even though i've bought these exact same games repeatedly for every console generation since the days the Genesis AND steam.... continues to be awesome. Gonna buy 20 of 'em.
  10. Not signing up for the previous albums was something I always regretted. I'm definitely in this time. I'll send my source in as soon as i ...find one.
  11. ..and after you see this guy you're not going to want capcom to do RE3's Nemesis this way. Mostly because it's going to be more of the same thing and it ain't exactly a great way to reduce the amount of stress in your life. The nameless guy in the trechcoat, who was dubbed Mr. X by the fans of the original, pressures you constantly when you're trying to figure out how to maneuver through areas to get what you need with the least amount of resistance and when you see him suddenly chasing you down running through that hallway with 2 lickers and a gang of zombies doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. No spoilers but I am just about through the first scenario and it's clear this game was made out of love for the original. Even the more awkward plot points were addressed or rewritten to make sense such as Ben's odd decision to lock himself in a jail cell and Kendo's reasoning for pointing a shotgun at someone who is obviously not a zombie. In fact, Kendo's small scenario was absolutely gut wrenching. It's like Capcom looked at the drama in The Last of Us and thought "We could do better..." and they did. Plus the game just keeps screwing with you in how many different scares it has. The singular jump scare card that the series played heavily in the past is gone and while jump scares are a huge part of the game still that's not all you're in for. Can't stop gushing about this game. Forcing myself to take an hour break then i'm going back in.
  12. It's been out for 24 hours now and I can say that it's far better than my wildest expectations that I had for this remake. Growing up with the original RE's I figured a quick homage with some familiar locations would have been enough to satisfy a nostalgic gamer such as myself, but what is here is loads more than the PSX RE2 was and probably, dare i say, surpasses what the RE1 remake did for the original RE. Definitely not for the feint of heart as I am routinely dumbfounded by the rather extreme levels of gore in this game but it is loads of fun and the tension almost never lets you relax for more than a few beats. Don't even get me started on how well they have treated the trenchcoated tyrant. There's something about staying huddled in a small room hearing footsteps just outside and hoping he doesn't open the door and charge you... Is RE2:Remake the pinnacle of the survival horror genre...nay, gaming in it's entirety?? Discuss. :)
  13. If you are looking for something new to try but don't want to spend anything Bandlab acquired Cakewalk and released Sonar Platinum to everyone for free just less than a year ago. ...which I am still just absolutely thrilled about since I paid Roland around $200 to upgrade from Sonar 8 and then paid Gibson another $300 for lifetime rolling updates roughly 9 months before they closed the company and laid off most of the staff :/ Even after all that it's still, somehow, my DAW of choice. You're still going to have to learn the way Sonar works though just as you would with any software so expect to spend 15-20 hours before you start to feel fluent with it IF you already have experience with music making.
  14. To get the very best of what they are capable of you'll want to use a nice headphone amp but I use a Presonus 22VSL interface and they work just fine and are perfectly accurate for mixing.
  15. As someone who used the 280's for awhile back a few years ago I can say that they are deep in the dreaded Sennheiser Veil territory. Which means you can really jack the upper mids and have no idea just how much aural pain you are causing your listeners. Before I upgraded to the HD 600's I was only using the 280's for mixing bass and low mids. Even then I feel I would hit ear fatigue with those things in about 20-30 minutes of listening. If you can delay purchasing anything right now and save up I'd go right for the HD 600s. They are expensive but you can hear absolutely everything with them.