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Donkey Kong Level 1 Remix WIP


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Remix : http://tindeck.com/listen/yfsb

Original :

(Don't listen to the whole 3 mins, the first 4 secs is enough. lol)

Long story short, I've been messing with this remix for quite awhile. Originally it sounded completely different than it does now, but that's what happens over time. I'm mostly interested in what the community thinks of it.

Thanks for your time!


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Nice track for a first try.

But the intro is weak.

There is no transition between breakbeat and dubstep the first time it happen and the sounds are overpowered. The part after that is pretty empty. You could add background a little bit.

I know it's hard to make a remix out of a 4 sec track. It need to be very 'creative' and you could use one more source to back it up.

Anyway. Good try and good luck.

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