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  1. Ok. I have 3 Wav availlable for you if you revive the project. They are not out anywhere. Let me know.
  2. Yo. I still got my tracks for this album. I have the WAV sitting on my hard drive. Want to drive this out?
  3. Hi Gario, Just to be sure, I got 2 tracks on this. And it seems like the subforum has changed. I do not have access to the new one. Although my track are finished, is that intended? Thank you sir by the way to have this back on track.
  4. Yeah. Brandon is totally right. And I am one of those lazy who don't put that icy on the cake. I have still 1 track not done and have to put more effort on it... Let's go everyone and let's help Brandon put altogheter the best album he can. Cheeeers
  5. I'm going to buy some alchool and making finishing the tracks.
  6. Well the point is already said. But I also find the lead a bit weirdo too. The rest of the arrangement is awesome in my own book.
  7. Nice mix there. There are a couple good idea. I like it so far.
  8. Thank you Gario. I like your comments. I will check for some advice. This is the first time working with electric guitar and mixing with fl studio togheter. I was more on the electronic side but I wanted some change and guitars have some appeal. I'll continue working on this and hope I can get something good out of it. Thanks again.
  9. Updated the original link with the complete track. Putting mod revew
  10. Hi all, I know this is an overremixed song, but I had a mix in the past that I submitted and never passed the panel. But today I bring you a totally brand new remix with a bit of real instrument. Wanted to test the design for a long time now. Hear it and enjoy it. It's drumstepish/dubsteppish metal song. Edit: Original source
  11. Awesome stuff going right there. A classic song with classy elements
  12. Enjoyed the shredding . Hope to hear your next version if you do one.
  13. Nice stuff. I really feel this. The only thing: actually the lower sounds of the original was what I found unique about the real. So the bass changer here make me lose that original perk. Still, the mix is right on.
  14. Nice stuff. I hope they pass you. I listened to the whole song and this is awesome. The only thing you could get as a no is too sparse. But then again, this is relaxing and well made It should be okay as is. Awesome stuff.
  15. This game is amazing. I loved it so much. Best metroidvania since super metroid and xeo drifter. Awesome gameplay and story. Also there is a lot of glitch for speedrun which is awesome. I made a speedrun at 1:12. My friend stand at 0:51 and he's 31 on the speedrunner list. He made this record today and he's trying to improve. The game is gorgeous and is a must. Very recommended.
  16. I'm sad I missed this april fool. Genre are not showing in my browser.
  17. Depends. There are a lot of track in final fantasy 6 that are pretty good. I would say the battle themes are on my top 10.

  18. Automatic goose bumps. The song is so incredible. Never heard something similar and I brought me 'nostalgie'. 1:23 Was the part where I got the best feeling ever hearing this track again. Can't describe how much I love this part. Great mix. No flaw. Thank you.
  19. And now Games like Symphony of the Night got their own tag. The leveling system plus exploration in a vast open world is now called 'MetroidVania'. Thus is a blend of RPG and Exploration/Adventure.
  20. Nice song in overall dude. Only some hitch: -The crash at 0:00 ? I'm not sure. -Pass 2:53 you got a compression problem. Seems like all the synth want to be in the first row thus making things clash togheter. Continue your great work. The ambience is really good in the song.
  21. I listened. The track has a great atmosphere. Tho is not a 4/4 dance track, I enjoyed. Actually this is kind of relaxing. Keep it up.
  22. The second part is more interesting than the first. The first part could be a bit upgraded imo. But the choice of synth is great and stylised. Very different take on the mix. Continue your great work
  23. It didn't go in a deaf ear. I claim White dragon. Check your PM for the first WIP.
  24. I had to watch the video first. This is actually GREAT WORK. Even the video gave me goosebumps. The track is so well done. It made me nostalgic for a moment then felt epic. This could have been a great metroid movie. I would gladly use this if I were nintendo. The piece is perfect. Every instrument and every moement felt like a metroid epic cinematic. Love it!