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Remix Request - Dragonball Z Tracks

Legion Kreinak

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I was just curious if anyone here would be interested in remixed Dragonball Z tracks - I'm still an amateur when it comes to using FL Studio and I don't really put in the effort I should to learn more. That said, I'd love to have someone help me remix (or even recreate, in some cases) songs from Dragonball Z - specifically the soundtrack composed by Bruce Faulconer (not the original Japanese one).

There are a few tracks in particular which are really meaningful to me, simply because I grew up with them and to have them remixed by someone who knows their stuff (i.e., not me) would be an awesome thing. I'd be willing to pay a small amount as well, if that's what it takes.

Anyway, this is a bit of an odd request I think, but I feel I came to the right place, so if anyone here is interested, feel free to PM me. Thanks. :)

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