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  1. Aww damn, I was hoping it would be. When can we expect that one!? =P I have some old sketchy recordings of my father's voice (cell phone voicemails and such) that I want to touch up, so would it be good for that? Obviously, if the implication wasn't understood, my father is no longer with us.
  2. http://www.platinumnotes.com/ Platinum Notes - anyone ever heard of this? Is it any good?
  3. Nope, will check it out nonetheless. I'm still not sure that will do exactly what I'm looking for, but it may. I thought there was a lot of voice altering software out there, the type of stuff that could make someone sound entirely like somebody else. I guess not, or if it is, it's not readily available to the public.
  4. No, I'm thinking something more professional. A friend of mine once had something that made him sound like a 300 lb. African man and his rap sounded akin to Big Pun. Dude was 150 lbs., white as a ghost. Was awesome.
  5. Anyone know any quality voice changing software or hardware? I'm looking for something more that could change your voice on the fly, so I'd assume it would be hardware. If you only know software, still comment and recommend it please - I would like to hear thoughts and experiences. I'm looking for something that would sound real, not automated, or obviously altered. I want it to be believable.
  6. I was just curious if anyone here would be interested in remixed Dragonball Z tracks - I'm still an amateur when it comes to using FL Studio and I don't really put in the effort I should to learn more. That said, I'd love to have someone help me remix (or even recreate, in some cases) songs from Dragonball Z - specifically the soundtrack composed by Bruce Faulconer (not the original Japanese one). There are a few tracks in particular which are really meaningful to me, simply because I grew up with them and to have them remixed by someone who knows their stuff (i.e., not me) would be an awesome thing. I'd be willing to pay a small amount as well, if that's what it takes. Anyway, this is a bit of an odd request I think, but I feel I came to the right place, so if anyone here is interested, feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  7. I'm trying to make use of Heavyocity's Evolve and Evolve Mutations bundles in FL Studio, via Kontakt 4. The issue I'm having is as follows: I open a new channel with Kontakt 4. It opens in the Fruity Wrapper, and I scroll down to Evolve to select something. I choose multis. I'm using Your Worst Nightmare. I the Your Worst Nightmare.nkm file. It opens. I have all of the eight samples in that multi on the right at my disposal. Here is where my problem comes in. If I send the channel to piano roll to play around with it, only the first sample listed (in this case "APT Getting Scared) gives me anything. Do I need to open up a Kontakt 4 channel for EACH of the eight samples in the "Your Worst Nightmare" multi in order to put them all into a piano roll? I would think NOT, because the purpose of the Kontakt player seems to be having a bunch of samples packed together (hence the multis that are present) and using them all on a single channel. I'm not sure if anyone followed me up until now, but hopefully they did. I do realize, by the way, that if I change the Midi Ch to [A] 1 for any of the samples, then that's the one the piano roll detects, and if I set a bunch of them to [A] 1 then they all play at once, but is there any way I can call to each one of them separately, when I want them?
  8. I should add, I personally have only one monitor right now, but I've worked in a friends studio where he had a tri setup, and I've also had dual-monitors for gaming in the past. That does sound like a nuisance, though. I used FL Studio on the multi-monitor setup and it seemed fine.
  9. I don't even know what a "tracker" is nor have I ever heard of Renoise. I'll check it out, just 'cause I like expanding my knowledge base with this stuff. Regarding all the windows, though - dual or tri-monitor setups make that a non-issue.
  10. Cool, I'll check that out. By Live you mean Ableton, right? I'm not picking based on popularity, though the more popular ones usually become so for a reason. As of now, I'm familiar with FL Studio, but I want to give them all a good run to really figure out where I belong.
  11. I'm just curious what everyone here prefers to use. I've tried out FL Studio, Reason, and Sonar. I'm a PC user, but I've also tried Logic on my girlfriend's Macbook. I'm thinking of checking out Cubase and Ableton, as they seem to be the big hitters right now. Reason, I'm not a fan of at all. Sonar seems nice, but I didn't have much of a chance to toy with it. What do you all prefer to use as your DAW?
  12. Hey, finally a reply! Thanks. Yeah, I got the EWQL free version - it's amazing. As soon as I get enough money saved, I'm purchasing their gold version. Another few companies I realized had a lot of products were Propellerhead (the Reason people), Cakewalk (the Sonar people), Camelaudio, and Spectrasonics. I dunno how I missed all of these big guys, but now my problem is trying to choose which products to use from which companies! There are so many to choose from.
  13. No one has anything to add here? Did I do something wrong?
  14. I'm curious as to what companies/products all of you typically use or are particularly fond of. There's a lot of stuff out there, but I want to get a feel for what everyone digs the most. As of now, my list consists of: EWQL - pretty much everything they make is legit; just expensive Native Instruments - same as EWQL, but cheaper; I'm a fan Absynth, Battery, FM8, Massive, and Reaktor, though I haven't quite mastered the use of these yet. XNL - Addictive Drums I have BFD's old v1.5 drum pack also, which is a decent addition. I've also heard good things about Camel Audio stuff, like the camelcrusher, but have yet to use that. Aside from the software sample packs and synths, I mainly hover around using FL Studio, but I've kinda been curious to experiment with Sonar, Reason, and Cubase, though I'm not sure which. I've also used my girlfriend's Macbook and played with Logic. I know this is very open-ended, but I just figured it could bring up interesting discussion regarding the various resources out there, since there are so many.
  15. Anyone know what chords are being played by Sixto in this song during the rhythms? Or the notes played during the solo parts? I would love to practice this song and be able to play it myself. I tried to PM Sixto, but no response, so I figured I'd try asking here.
  16. What's the difference between monitors and headphones?
  17. Thanks, I'll look into all of those. Is that the main thing that makes video game music sound epic? The orchestra parts? I know you can't build a house on sand, so I still need to work on getting better with this stuff. The thing is, I have NO orchestral samples on my computer at all, really. Anyone want to point me towards some good freeware orchestral and maybe synth guitar stuff online that I can download to get me started?
  18. Alright, I'll do the headphone thing at some point as well. Just sunk money in on an Axiom-61 so I have my first MIDI controller. Hopefully, I made a good purchase. Still, what software would you recommend? I'm partial to using FL right now. I guess I was more wondering what software synths and sample packs are worth buying. There are SO many, and I don't know which give the sounds I want.
  19. Yes. If you've heard Zircon's original game music "Ragnarok," that's a perfect example. Any of the typical RPG battle soundtracks, the decisive boss battles and final bosses. All that intense kind've stuff. What would I need for that?
  20. For a person who wants to make music similar to that used in video games (battle themes in RPGs, let's say), what software would you recommend? FLStudio with some good drum samples, Absynth, QL Colossus, and some guitar and woodwind samples or what? What kind of instruments are used in those sorts of songs?
  21. Yeah, I see it. I was just curious about certain things, such as vocals. Guess the track just had to be ripped. It's cool how this is all done, though. Hopefully I can remix my own songs one day.
  22. Yeah, but it's not just some generic chorus sample that sounds similar. It's the exact track used in FF7.
  23. Hey, you know, if you make remixes by emulating the sound as best you can, then how do people make remixes of things like Final Fantasy VII's One Winged Angel? I have one of those remixes, and it has the chorus and chanting and everything. How is something like that done?
  24. Mmm, that bad, eh? Any feedback would be nice, for anyone who bothered to listen. I know I'm new, but come on.
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