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Three tracks for Halloween ^,,^


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Happy Halloween, everybody! Here's a couple spooky-themed tunes for you to add to your blaring trick-or-treater playlist.

Ectoplasm -- A strange experimental piece I made for Mixit 65 back in 2008 by sequencing samples and loops in a drum sequencer on my PSP.

Ectoplasm, pt. II -- The dubstep sequel to Ectoplasm. Don't be fooled by the repetitiveness and poor mixing of the first song -- this one is my latest and greatest work, and only borrows portions of Ectoplasm I for familiarity before turning you on your head. ;D

Some Kind of Monster -- A dance/horror/rock thing I did in early 2010. Still proud of it, despite how low-quality it is compared to what I can do now. I still like the overall sound of the track though, it has its charm. :3

Comments and criticism on any and all of them would be greatly appreciated!

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