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Kirby - Gourmet Race Super Ultra Edition Remix

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First off, this is a good start. I like the lead synth that you use, and the bass is pretty good.

This is a cover, so if you're trying to make this remix for the site, you'll need to add some interpretation.

However, this mix has some glaring issues. Right off the bat, that noise at 0:03, again at 1:06, and towards the end, is way too deep and distracting, and lasts too long. The sample used at 0:23 until 0:28, and three more times during the song, is out of place and sounds bad.

Also, the drum line is much too bland, add some variety, the same is true for the bass.

Keep at it.

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Nice I like the tempo you have for the song though I am not completly sold on the remix just yet. The bass you have in the song is a bit much as it seems to try and blow out the speakers a little since it gets really rough. There is also the matter of how the music is arranged, not sure if anyone notices, the song is different but it has the feel of it just being a speed up version of the already existing song and just having a filter over it. I would keep the tempo you already have but try making it more refined so it feels like it belongs in a high class restaurant.

Not sure if that helps but that's what I think of it.

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