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  1. This just came to mind while going through OC I noticed that were was a lack of Persona songs, beyond the one in Unsung Heros, and I figured I would see if others who enjoyed the game series and loved the music wanted to take the challenge in making a few songs. The upside is there are four games total in the Persona series so if there are enough songs in it there could be a Album. So if anyone wants to take up the challenge you know what to do.
  2. Nice I like the tempo you have for the song though I am not completly sold on the remix just yet. The bass you have in the song is a bit much as it seems to try and blow out the speakers a little since it gets really rough. There is also the matter of how the music is arranged, not sure if anyone notices, the song is different but it has the feel of it just being a speed up version of the already existing song and just having a filter over it. I would keep the tempo you already have but try making it more refined so it feels like it belongs in a high class restaurant. Not sure if that helps bu
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