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Need theme song for new YouTube series

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Hello. I am the owner of the gaming channel, Xtreme Gaming Presents on Youtube.

I will be starting a new live action gaming series on Youtube with my friends called 'Gamer Gone Wrong'.

This new series will center around a man who has a dangerous yet violent obsession with video games.

That is all I really can share about it for now. We however will be shooting the announcement trailer over this upcoming weekend.

Now the whole purpose of this post is that I am looking for a composer to compose a theme song for this new gaming series.

Mainly, we need two musical tracks for now...

The first song includes the actual theme/melody which will play at the very beginning and end of each episode. This only needs to be around 20 or 30 seconds long. The second song will be for the pilot/debut episode that will include the melody/theme you compose but this piece needs to be around a minute and a half long. I hope this is making sense. hehe.

Generally, the whole theme of this needs to sound more 'soundtrack' or 'cinematic' like. This needs to have choirs, orchestra, soothing yet sad music but more of a tension/dramatic feel to the song.

The perfect example is the song Evacuation from the I am Legend movie. Listen to the entire track to get a feeling of what I am looking for. A good example in this song is between 2:59-3:09 of the perfect melody for a theme song. The choir and strings really show up in that portion of the soundtrack.

There is money involved in this but I am not rich so if you are interested in this offer, please PM or email me while giving me examples of your work in soundtrack music and provide quotes if you wouldn't mind :)

Something I really want everyone to understand is DO NOT start working on a theme song for this project and then email me and tell me you are interested. I have had this happen before and it makes me feel real bad when someone composes and amazing piece yet their price is out of my range so they wasted time creating that piece...

If you guys have any additional questions please contact me :) Thank you for taking the time to read this over. Thank you!

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You've had people already work up a track BEFORE they emailed you and expected you to buy it at their price? What kind of idiot does that? You were right to turn them down. They have no business being in the music business.

EDIT: My bad, I didn't see you had a Youtube example already.

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