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  1. Hello. I am the owner of the gaming channel, Xtreme Gaming Presents on Youtube. I will be starting a new live action gaming series on Youtube with my friends called 'Gamer Gone Wrong'. This new series will center around a man who has a dangerous yet violent obsession with video games. That is all I really can share about it for now. We however will be shooting the announcement trailer over this upcoming weekend. Now the whole purpose of this post is that I am looking for a composer to compose a theme song for this new gaming series. Mainly, we need two musical tracks for now... The first song includes the actual theme/melody which will play at the very beginning and end of each episode. This only needs to be around 20 or 30 seconds long. The second song will be for the pilot/debut episode that will include the melody/theme you compose but this piece needs to be around a minute and a half long. I hope this is making sense. hehe. Generally, the whole theme of this needs to sound more 'soundtrack' or 'cinematic' like. This needs to have choirs, orchestra, soothing yet sad music but more of a tension/dramatic feel to the song. The perfect example is the song Evacuation from the I am Legend movie. Listen to the entire track to get a feeling of what I am looking for. A good example in this song is between 2:59-3:09 of the perfect melody for a theme song. The choir and strings really show up in that portion of the soundtrack. There is money involved in this but I am not rich so if you are interested in this offer, please PM or email me while giving me examples of your work in soundtrack music and provide quotes if you wouldn't mind Something I really want everyone to understand is DO NOT start working on a theme song for this project and then email me and tell me you are interested. I have had this happen before and it makes me feel real bad when someone composes and amazing piece yet their price is out of my range so they wasted time creating that piece... If you guys have any additional questions please contact me Thank you for taking the time to read this over. Thank you!
  2. Sorry, I am cracking up laughing now. XD People who currently can not edit choirs in any form should not offer. I'm posting on OC Remix because I know there are so many talented composers on here already with equipment suited for choirs. We're requesting two very short tracks for now to keep things very easy for the composer to work with.
  3. LOL! I should of probably explained this a little bit more.. In no way am I asking for a 'realz' choir here. If I was then the $500-$1000 budget would make more sense. No, I am asking for someone who knows how to mix choirs together real well with their choir package. Asking for someone to go out and get a real choir for me? You kidding!? xD Hehe.
  4. (UPDATED) 5/8/11 Heya fellow OC Remixer's! I am trying to build up a gaming community on Youtube with a few friends of mine. Our gaming channel is Xtreme Gaming Presents. Currently we are just producing videos of various games. We mainly do Minecraft videos. In the near future we plan to up production a bit and start our own podcast. Now to the point. We are looking for a music composer for our gaming channel. Since we are limited on funds right now, we are going to be requesting just a few quick tracks. Another thing I should point out is that we are not looking for a composer who is requesting a ton of money per track. I have been emailing rather semi-popular artists out there and they want between $100-$500 per track. I just want everyone on here to know that something along those lines is not realistic at all in our budget. Thank you for understanding. (What we are requesting) Right now we want to start out with a few 'licensed' tracks. The first track we would absolutely love would be our very own theme song. The track really only needs to be around 1:00 long as we will be playing it at the start of every video. A good example of a theme song we like is 'TheYogscast' theme song. They play their theme song at the beginning of every video. Here is a link to get some ideas. We however do not want the theme song to be that happy sounding... We want the song to have a happy feeling in it but also a bit of techno and 8-bit elements into it to make it sound more like a video game. The next track we are requesting is about a 35-45 second piece that would play at the ending of some of our videos. It would be our 'Coming Up Next' track. For example, we currently do a series on Minecraft that involves multiple episodes. At the end of every video we put in a 'Coming Up Next' presentation that shows the audience what is coming in the next episode. We would like the song to sound very dramatic, intense and fast. We however would like to request a chanting choir in there to add to the feeling. Here are a few examples of what we want the track to sound like. Example 1. 0:00 to 0:43. Example 2. 2:18 to 2:50 Example 3. 0:15 to 1:22 I apologize that streaming is not available on this track as it is FLAC. So basically we want it to be an orchestral type track but very dramatic and intense sounding with an awesome chanting choir. In no way am I asking for a real choir. I am asking for someone who knows how to mix choirs together real well with their choir package. People who currently can not edit choirs in any form should not offer their service for the 2nd track. If you would like to give this a shot, please PM me on the forums. Offer me examples of some of your work that relates to the type of music we are requesting. Please ask me any further questions along with your message. Also, please give me your pricing as that is a big concern with us. I'm posting on OC Remix because I know there are so many talented composers on here already equipped with the packages suited for choirs. We're requesting two very short tracks for now to keep things very easy for the composer to work with. We are open to more than one composer. Important! Please consult with me first in a PM before composing the song. Giving me a quote before production helps me out. It saves a lot of stress on both of us! I will keep this thread updated. Thank you for your time. It's really appreciated! Bond
  5. Hello there. Go to this video and fast forward to 2:50. The music piece plays till the end of the video. Can anyone tell me what song this is. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know what the terms are for uploading music to Youtube that you DID NOT compose/make? For example, let's say I wanted to start a Youtube channel completely based off of the Indie music genre. That being said, am I allowed to upload music tracks of various artists in that genre? A few examples of bands would be The Decemberists, Metric, Spoon, etc. So again, would I be allowed to upload various songs on Youtube from these artist's or is it completely illegal on Youtube? I wouldn't see why not since I see these famous songs uploaded on there with more than 100,000 hits and the uploader being just some random person... Thanks all!
  7. Hey all. First off, I hope this is in the correct forum. Anyway. I created a new Youtube channel and I need a quick animated intro video which will preview right at the start of every video. I need someone who is good with video editing. Someone who can produce professional looking animations and proper sound effects to go with it. This isn't really a big request. I need the intro to be around 6 or so seconds long. If anyone knows anyone who can do this type of work, please direct them to me so we can further discuss the project. And yes, some extra cash is involved here. My business email is Thank you for your time!
  8. Sup my fellow OCr's. So I recorded myself in audacity for about 8 min. The file size is a whopping 44mb.. I need to get this compressed. Anyway know of any simple ways to do this or if there are any free programs out there to do this? THX!
  9. So I am trying to find some kind of spooky remix music to add to a vid. I have no idea where to look online though. Could some of you help me out. Thanks
  10. So basically I am trying to send my friend these huge video clips. (I recorded them) They are mine don't worry. Any they can be between 200mb-1gb in size. Was wondering how he would get them. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue. I need some kind of uploading service that allows this. I was thinking of Bittorrent but I don't know how to add torrent files to any kind of server.. If anyone can help me out with this it would be appreciated. Thank you, Peter
  11. Hello there. I am trying to work on an introduction music video for my guild on wow. The problem I am having is what music to put in there. I don't have a specific song I would like you to re create from the game but something totally different but still can relate to the game. So it would be almost like a new composition. I am willing to pay something if you allow it. PM me or email me at if you are interested and we can go over more of what I want it to sound like. Thank you!
  12. Thank you so much. That's it! This time I will save it to my computer. haha
  13. Heya. I remember listening to a beautiful mega man song a long time ago. There was this woman singing to it but I forgot what her name was. But anyway does anyone have a clue which song it is in the OC database? I don't want to go through a million songs on here to try to find it. Thank you!
  14. Yea. I tried to make it so it can be a fast/medium beat dance song. A song people will actually have fun dancing to. Hopefully people would like to dance to this song though.
  15. I can't wait to play this game online! I'll be adding my Wii number to my profile later today so yea.. If you want to battle it out in a few months we can do so.
  16. Here is a song I started when I was bored. I had a lot of fun with it through Magix Music Maker. This song is not video game related but has many beats and some random miscellaneous sounds I added in there to give it that digital music feel you could say. Credit goes to Magix Music Maker. So sit back and welcome to the world of digital sound.
  17. Here is the thread for everyone to post the place where they upload they're music. Here is my place.
  18. Well right now I am using FL Studio 5. My friend lent the program to me awhile back and I don't know if he actually gave me it or not. But anyway after I installed it for some reason he took all the info I need to get FL Studio 6. I'll soon ask him for what I want that is if he lets me...
  19. Sorry for double posting on here but does anyone also know where I can get some voice sound fonts as in signing? Like maybe a nice choir, and just one person signing such as a female. Thank you.
  20. Thanks for the tip. I guess I forgot how to do that for awhile. But anyway Wow... That violin sounds awesome! Thank you so much, spc. Now maybe I can get some work done.
  21. Well that is weird.... I pasted it into the folder I want it to go in but in FL Studio it isn't in there.
  22. ^Sorry but I am not familiar with that host on downloading. I hate that place. It confuses me so much how to download it there. So is there any other link for that?
  23. Does anyone know where I could find some good violin instrument sounds? I use FL Studio and the one on there now is extremely pitiful... I would appreciate it.