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Music panel for cons.


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I work a lot of anime conventions in the Alabama/Florida area.

I was recently asked by my boss to do a panel because we had some panelist drop, and I informed him the only thing I knew enough about to even pretend to be an expert was video game music.

for an 11am panel on Sunday morning (when most people didn't leave the rave till 2am or later) I had a pretty good showing, 11 people, although one was my girlfriend >.> Nobody walked out, and I got a few people who later approached me and said they liked it or that they wished they had been awake for it.

Collaborating information from various wiki sources/kotaku article links and this site, I made a rough outline and rambled on about video game music.

I started with the history of it's evolution from atari to modern day, then moved on to major games that focus on music (ala PaRappa the Rapper/DDR/etc). Thirdly I covered modern musicains who sample video game music/themes and then websites they could go to to get vgm, like this one.

Any suggestions? What would you want to hear at a panel about video game music?

Anyone have links to really insightful articles about VGM? Interviews with composers or whatnot they really like and think I might learn something from?

edit: Obviously, I'm looking for feedback because I want to continue doing this panel to raise more awareness about video game music and it's community.

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