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Final Fantasy 4 - Main Theme - Fly Around The World (Dance Mix)


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It's a kind of.. progressive dance mix id'say, its still on verse 2 before the first chorus intro. Structurally I already have an idea how I will make this tune. So I will define that as I continue part by part, since I go from left to right when I work in Ableton Live.

Do you peeps like it? Should I master something better, give accent more on something in the mixdow? EQ something? I would really like feedback on this before I start working on it again.


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It's a pretty decent start to a remix, but a few things I noticed were:

That disc scratching-like sound can get a little irritating with how it sounds and how loud it sits in the mix.

Of course, dance music usually has repetitive drums and bass, but you probably should mix up the drums a little bit more.

I think more focus on the lead melody is in order, it sounds more or less like little variants of each measure of it's self and it sits farther back in the mix than I would like. Bring it more to the for front a bit and spend more time on the arrangement might be the more ideal situation, especially if the song is made before even the first chorus hits.

1:40 seems like a little long before bringing in the first chorus anyway, but I guess it is dance music.

Sounds pretty good so far, looking forward to what it sounds like when you get farther along.

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Yea, I was also afraid that the sweep arpeggio had too much space in the mix. On my latest update i diminished the resonance knob by 1 good 12-20% on the upper sweeps so it should be calmer, but I'll also lower it at parts for 1-2db just in case.

For the drums, I'll add variation, even to the intro. Not sure what you meant by mixing them more, you mean make them stand out more or have them more variation? Like having them be more prominent versus the bass?

I'm also considering re-harmonizing the bass to have it sit better.

Good point for the lead, that I actually added 1.5 db to it right after exporting this video even, I think its better.

I said a week, but now that I look at it, It might be better that I refine the balance in this, before I continue the whole piece.

Thanks for feedback, be waiting for more

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