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  1. Opening Theme - Silent Hill The song it's self is not really that scary, but is part of a scary game and quite the powerful song. One of my all time favourites. That and at 2:24-2:25 you can hear a girl gasping which I find is a nice touch though most people don't hear it. Great song in one of the freakiest games ever.
  2. If the Pillows did video game remixes, this would sound pretty close to what they'd do. I have a huge migraine right now (unrelated) so I'll save any critiques for later.
  3. That is some expensive software I may add. Sounds like it's worth it though.
  4. I think it takes too much from the original source in regards to the piano part basically sounding like the main theme played by the piano is straight from the game. Besides that, it's probably one of the better Phendrana remixes that we've been seeing the last week or so.
  5. I like it. Maybe add a little more sheen to it, but not much more. I really have no complaints for this remix. You should submit it.
  6. Ah, I meant mixing them like 'mixing them up so they're more variant".
  7. Sorry, not enough Killer Studio Chops. I suggest you spend more time killing with chops dressed as a studio. If you don't have the money or the college degree, you can always dress as a home studio or a portable pocket studio. Please let us know when you get your formal degree in KSC and buttrock before resubmitting. In all seriousness, it's pretty good. The keytar solo in the middle seems to be little on the ear piercing side for me, but the majority is pretty good. It's got that high quality sound in a silly song, like Weird Al.
  8. It's a pretty decent start to a remix, but a few things I noticed were: That disc scratching-like sound can get a little irritating with how it sounds and how loud it sits in the mix. Of course, dance music usually has repetitive drums and bass, but you probably should mix up the drums a little bit more. I think more focus on the lead melody is in order, it sounds more or less like little variants of each measure of it's self and it sits farther back in the mix than I would like. Bring it more to the for front a bit and spend more time on the arrangement might be the more ideal situation, especially if the song is made before even the first chorus hits. 1:40 seems like a little long before bringing in the first chorus anyway, but I guess it is dance music. Sounds pretty good so far, looking forward to what it sounds like when you get farther along.
  9. Okay, here's the scoop. The remix is essentially not very good, and I'll do my best to list out the most important reasons. The arrangement is clashing with it's self. Everything is either out of tune or mistimed with it's self. I couldn't tell it was a remix of the Waveman theme there was so much different with it. The choices for instrument sounds are poor at best. The drums are not done well. In the end it more or less sounds like you tosses a midi through GM instruments and did your own tweaking. I'd forget about EQ, panning or any other sound quality improvements until you can get the actual music down. I can imagine your just starting, so keep practicing, learning and keep going. Just about everyone's first songs on a DAW sounded like this, I know mine did.
  10. How is the source song too short? I've heard remixes of songs with much shorter sources.
  11. Send a tweet to Brent Kennedy (@BKennedy90) and see if he'll do it. He did the Super Meat Boy Choice Piano Cuts album. http://dbsoundworks.bandcamp.com/album/super-meat-boy-choice-piano-cuts
  12. I gotta say, the source tune wasn't very good IMO. I think you've actually taken it and made it into a better song. While it is better, it still need work. The drums can be a little on the repetitive side. A think there needs to be a little more going on in the song as it doesn't seem to be as full as it feels it should be. It doesn't quite feel like the song knows where it's going in that it kind of starts, keeps the pace and then just ends at the end. A little tweaking on the sounds of the instruments used could help as they don't seem to mesh completely well with each other. But over all, it's pretty good for what you had to work with. Keep it up.
  13. First thing, the song clips badly in places, which is a big no-no. That would have to be fixed before the judges would even consider the song. The guitar doesn't sit well in the mix, it sounds tinny and low-quality as if it was recorded poorly. The song doesn't seem to keep the emotional quality of the original, which means it probably needs more adjusting on the midi side of things to make it more human-like. Also, I think I like it better with the voice samples. It's pretty fitting.
  14. Sorry to break this to you Mickomoo, but from the sounds of it, you've got a long way to go for this mix. One of the obvious problems is that it sounds like you made/grabbed a midi file of the song and basically just added instruments to it. Instrument choices aren't what I'd consider great. All of the mixing would have to be redone. I'm not sure what you mean by 'out of time' but you should use most of the song for the mix. Not to sound harsh, but it sounds like you need to start composing and working on your craft before attempting to submit a remix for OCR. There's plenty of books out there for learning, in fact someone mentioned a good book to me on twitter (see link for the book below.) Keep working on songs, posting various WIP and learning. Also, it shouldn't matter if a song is obscure or not. http://www.amazon.ca/Audio-Programming-Book-Max-Mathews/dp/0262014467/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326227860&sr=8-1
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