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"Aerith's Theme" For Classic FM Hall of Fame‎


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''UK radio station Classic FM’s “Hall of Fame” runs a 300-strong list of the finest compositions as voted by the general public every year, but it doesn’t seem an orchestral video game theme has ever made it into the semi-prestigious collection: and that’s what this movement is trying to fix. Co-ordinated primarily through Facebook and Twitter, a gaming group is making efforts to push Nobuo Uematsu’s “Aerith’s Theme” from cult classic Final Fantasy VII into the Hall of Fame....... (full article)''

I would have chosen One-Winged Angel but it looks like Aerith’s Theme was the choice. Everyone has to choose Aerith’s Theme so there is more of a chance of anything getting through.

You actually have 3 choices (vote here). Mine are:

Nobuo Uematsu - Aerith’s Theme (listen to it


Nobuo Uematsu - One-Winged Angel

Nobuo Uematsu - Opera Maria and Draco

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I anticipate getting quite a bit of backlash for this, but I have to say that I disagree a fair bit with this movement. I'm all for raising awareness for video game music, and I remain in constant awe of the 8-bit marvels which have grown with time into full-blown orchestral epics, but, call me conservative, I feel that classical music is a closed set which video game music, no matter how remarkable, cannot venture to explore. The term 'classical music' was coined for purpose of a canon, so it is against this canon that all subsequent works will have to be compared, and just like how it would be impossible to induct any modern poem into the canon of, say, metaphysical poetry, it remains impossible to convincingly induct video game music into the canon of classical music. I'm not trying to play up the world of classical music as some sanctified bastion of form and finesse; classical works have drawn influences from sources as eclectic as street music -- the theme of Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto is an example if I'm not wrong -- and function-wise video game music can be easily compared with, say, an overture or leitmotif. What I feel is that Aerith's Theme may be outstanding music, but it cannot claim to be outstanding classical music, and there is no need for video game music to stake a desperate claim for reaches outside its own domain, a domain which has already been growing from strength to strength without compromise. I submitted my 3 votes a while back, and I regret to say they've gone to Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, and Elgar, as much as I admire the genius of Nobuo Uematsu and the beauty that is Aerith's Theme.

tl;dr vgm =/= classical music

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