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Mechanized_Angel VGM radio!

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Hi there,

I'm kind of new to the forums (well I signed up a few months ago, just been running around getting this project setup lol...)

But anyways I am launching an internet video game music radio station (yep another one....). ie. There will be a lot of promotion with featured artists where their work will be played for an hour every day of the week, will have a blurb on the front page of the site as well a spot on the pod cast. i We will be launching on February 4th so I hope you guys come down and check it out.

Our website is (there are some unfinished sections but it is nearly close to completion but it will be done this weekend)

I do however have some issues that I need help on!!!

1) I was hoping to include OCremix stuff so I wanted to double check to see if that's ok (I'm really trying to promote people's work not steal it or make any profit on this).

2) I will be seeking the liscences for video game music, I have spoken with Tommy Tallirico and he told me it was easy....then he never got back to me (no word of a lie!). So I need help finding out who to talk too and get this setup to not only cover my ass but also provide the listeners a legal radio station! This isn't bullshit, this is the real deal! Everything I"ve been doing has been invested by me cause I want this to happen, not to make money off peoples work.

3) Anyone else want to contribute or be a part of this? I'm looking for more people who love this kind of thing and want to help. I have a small group of 3 including myself, but a project of this size could use more people to lighten the load.

Anyways even a pat on the back is good so please comment or check out us.


Mechanized Angel

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We are up on shoutcast (search for alpha omega radio/iphone users can download the shoutcast app and search us!), facebook (alpha omega radio, as well playing on alpha omega

If you have a look and notice something not working (which you probalby will as I'm still trying to get my scheduler to work properly) just send us an email or post on here.

We are getting some requests for people to put their music on the radio, so don't be shy and send me a message or email!

Once again thanks for reading! You guys are awesome!

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Hey just bumping this.

Some new updates to the radio :)

Check out our featured composer Shannon Mason at 4-5 PST!

We are always looking to feature composers just trying to get heard (for now only looking for original works).

Also gaining interest with composers within the industry and getting the proper liscencing agreements to play their tunes!

I'm looking for people that are interested in DJ'ing, or if you have a podcast and want it promote it send me a message, I'd love to talk more and work something out.

If you got an opinion on who we are, what we are doing, send it my way, always wanting to hear feedback!!!

Got any album recommendations? Artists we should check out? Message me!

Anyways thanks for reading :)

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Another blitzkreig of awesomeness! Just had to post!


We got unreleased tracks from Mass Effect by BigGiantCircles, Sam Hulick and a killer Mass Effect inspired track titled "Cause & Effect" by Adam Gubman and Traci Hines!

The Soundtrack to FEZ by DisasterPeace and Remixes by Decktonic!

The Turrican Soundtrack supporting Chris Huselbeck's Kickstarter!

Video Games Live! By Tommy Tallirico (Given the A-OK by the man himself)


We have 3 copies of Legacy by Big Giant Circles to give away, so if we get 100 real followers you have a chance to win! Seeing how we've almost reached the goal so fast, We might be uping the ante and include more prizes! (@wearealphaomega)

As always, always looking for help and feedback! :)

Thanks for reading!

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