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Propellerhead* sorry for the typo, didn't noticed when I posted it

I wanted to know, do they hold promotions or discounts often?

I've been experimenting with many music making softwares, and so far, Reason was the one that I liked more. FL studio is good, but I personally disliked it. And Cakewalk sonar X1 don't allow you to do much in the demo version

Also, is it possible to learn a decent amount of things with reason demo? As far as I saw, the only downside on the demo is that you can't save your files (or was it open projects, or both. I don't recall it). Are there any other drastical limitations that would get in the way of learning the basics of the software? I'm quite sure I'll take a while to learn everything (I don't have much experience with music programs. and by not much, I mean no experience at all. I also have noone close that know's anything about composing music via softwares, my only guidance will be the internet), and reason is quite expensive for me at the moment, so I wanted to know how far can I go with the demo only.

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Best discount was when I upgraded my Reason 4.0 + Record 1.0 to the full Reason 6.0 for 20$. I could have choosen to give only 1$ since the promo was "pay what you want", for the owners of Reason and Record.

That company is simply awesome and the support is great.

It's well worth the full price, if you ask me it's already a discount.

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