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Name of the Wind Soundtrack


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Sounds nice however the guitar sounds like a harpsichord and i think this has to do with the way you're playing it. Those quick turns sound too pianistic! On a guitar those kind of hammer-on pull-off bits sound completely different. If you have a guitar try it out or have a listen to some. I think velocity is one of the key things in making it sound more guitar-y as well as sorting the timing out a bit.

Anyway this is very nice, i've not heard of the book before but that guitar sound stuck out as being un-guitar'y because of the way you have played it. :)

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Well, in the book, it does descirbe Kw'uothe (been so long I'm not sure of the spelling?) playing the guitar (lute??? it was something with strings) like no other alive...

Agreed it does sound more like a harpsichord than a guitar though. Not necessarily a bad thing but it jarrs slightly with the nature stuff around it (to me it summons the image of an english victorian dining room)...

That said, it is beautiful. Now work this into a full peace, go on 8-)

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