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  1. So Digital Coma was delighted that the album still had fans in 2016? It still has fans in 2020. I really wanted to try and celebrate this early milestone achievement of OCR and so, as part of a retrospective Youtube series I'm working on, here is a short video review / retrospective A Friend Remembers: Kong in Concert
  2. Chernabogue - glad to say we hadn't lost the wav file you sent me. I'll PM you the link to what we had for you to listen - hope your happy hearing it. SkyriderX - thanks for taking the lead on this despite the last minute confusions. the tracks are ALL on onedrive now. OCR - Waiting on you.
  3. Missing wav files are en route to Skyrider after a completely uneccessary, and entirely my fault, delay. However whilst they are uploading it has given me a chance to update the tracklist to what it was 2 weeks ago. Latest Update: 07/07/2016 0. Title - Tom Swift - Final wav 1. The Legendary Hero - Pokemoneinstien - Final Wav 2. Outset Island - Argle - Final wav 3. Aryll's Theme - Mark Jackson - Final Wav 4. Grandma's Song - TheRex - Final Wav 5. Pirate Theme - Skyrider X - Final Wav 6. Dragon Roost - TheRex - Final Wav 7. Cursed Ocean - Tom Swift, Asterlius, TheShaggyFreak - Final Wav 8. Forest Haven - Skyrider X - Final Wav 9. Ocean - Rozovian - Final Wav 10. Hyrule Castle - Amphibious - Final Wav 11. Legendary Hero - Argle - Final wav 12. Miniboss theme - Skyrider X - Final Wav 13. Ocean - Tuberz McGee - Final Wav 14. Jalhalla - Chernabogue - Final wav 15. Final Battle - Tom Swift - Final wav 16. Farewell Hyrule King - Tom Swift - Final Wav 17. Farewell Hyrule King - Mark of Two - Final wav 18. Staff Credits - Tom Swift, Mangaman, OrangeDragon, Mark Jackson, Lady Wildfire, Natalya Zarraga, Pixelpanic - 99% done
  4. Regarding Name chane - will pm you tomorrow i promise. I guess we should - ive been milling his over since the announcement and dont know whether flattered or horrified. Sorry again. Trouble is although i have ibternittant internet access the files are all on a desktop pc that cant travel. Back at my desk after 2 weeks of criss crossong UK -amongst other othings brexit has ruined my work life balance ... I was sure we had chernabogues track as a wav? Need to check. I do have the other version of the last track and i can send be grandma voice file to you seperately. Will send you my email later so we can discuss this off forum rather than over pms to speed the process up.
  5. Hi I think we have wavs of all the tracks although Argle was going to work on his further. Also the plan was for them to be mastered and we'd discuss whether OC Remix would be interested in hosting (whether as an official album or just presenting like the CID album last year was) or if we'd have to host it elsewhere (which I can do if necessary). Unfortunately I have no sound software any more and have lost most of my kit due to various work issues / moving house. I still have all the files. Skyrider / anyone else - if you are able to help me get these files mastered and start conversations with OC Remix about how we finish this I'd be happy to direct message you with more details. I think we have 15 or so VERY strong tracks, and some additional really good but not quite as strong tracks I'd present as almost 'extra' or WIP tracks (think disc 3 of the Sonic Project Chaos album).
  6. Hi Bly We have all the WIPS for this project and I'm waiting on Argle for mastering. I haven't heard anything from him for a while - if anyone has let me know If he stays MIA we may need to recruit someone else who can help finish production so we can release this.
  7. Dear all Just to let everyone know where we are with the delay. I have Tuberz and Skyrider's tracks, which were the two I was holding out for, however I have lost touch with Argle who had kindly offered to help master the tracks together. If your out there Argle I'm sorry it's taken so long to get them all together but there were some I had to hold out for. If not we may need someone else's assistance to help put this together Tom Update: Contact re-established.
  8. Just come back from a fortnight in India. Had a track from Tuberz I need to listen to tomorrow... Anyone with any outstanding work - can you get it to me in the next 2 weeks? If you are I contacted you around Christmas. I need to contact Argle about mastering, start transfering tracks over, and then we're shockingly close to being done. Skyrder - have you got the final version of the Pirates song ready yet? Think you can get it ready in 2 weeks? Tom
  9. Still working on it. It took a turn I didn't like, but about 1:30 of it is solid.

  10. No one claimed Molgera and if you have time over holidays I'd love to feature it? Final push for the album coming out in next month, if you haven't time no worries

  11. A while ago you expressed interest in forsaken fortress for WW album? Is that still a possibility or did it die a horrible death? If you can get something by the end of the year I'd be interested.

  12. No, the project is not dead. It's very NEARLY done. Progress updates on first post. I'm still waiting for the same tracks I was waiting for in October. A few people have approached me asking if we're still accepting new WIPS. If the song is pretty much complete and you'd like to put it in we'd love to have it but right now I just want to begin mastering what we have.
  13. I have a British accent and a decent mic setup. http://www.distantspires.com/products/1.php Let me know if you haven't got anything sorted by sunday as I can record that evening and get to you by Monday.
  14. I've just returned from my massive month long absence and will begin getting in touch with people regarding the final WIPS this weekend. So head's up people - it's time we wrapped this thing up
  15. Dear all, sorry to bump this thread but I'll be away from a computer from thursday until the 1st of September. If anyone wants me to look at a WIP or have a final run through of something before I go please get in touch now. Otherwise can everyone work towards getting something in for the end of the month
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