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Invasion Project

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This is a mini album that has been in the works since last August (2011). I plan to complete it this time this summer when I'm not in school. So I'll update it here as I get new material. I plan to get some guest performers from school to hopefully do to single instrument parts or solos. I posted one song from the project last August, but to make things simpler I'll also post it here.

Project Info

The project is being based on a Final Fantasy 8 fanfiction I read when I was 14-17, which was over 10 years ago. I will be including some appearances of the FF8 OST in some of the pieces, but most of the material will be original music. I do plan to do one full on arrangement that I will post in the arrangement forum, as well as in this post.


Propagator's March (Complete)

-features part of the Residents from the FF8 OST

This has been a popular track among the people that have heard it.


Erasure/Guardian Forces Defeated (Needs to be mastered)

-features part of Dead End from the FF8 OST


First Contact (WIP)


Invasion of Deling/Ragnarock Fleet Mobilizes (WIP)


The Whelg's Sting (WIP)

-Features part of Love Grows from the FF8 OST


More to Come This Summer...


My Facebook Page


The Original FF8 Fanfiction Invasion By Pulsar that this project is based on.


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