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Streets of Rage 2 - Dreamer


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Ok, so, was playing around with reason today and started working on a remix of Dreamer from SOR 2. I've been wanting to remix this track for ages now, but knew that I lacked the skills to do it exactly how I envisioned it. But I think now I am close to doing this great source tune justice. It is still just the first minute and a half, and it has a "club mix" style intro, but I think it is something that I can already share. Eventually, it would be great to get a female vocalist for this one.

Anyhow, here it is:


EDIT: Updated version is now up. 1:33 is where vocals or lead would come in.

EDIT 2: Posted version 5. This is a substantially reworked version of the remix.

EDIT 3: Version 6 now linked.

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sounds okay, but try this:

make the drum samples a bit more lo-fi (bitcrusher?)

give the bass saw sound at: 0:46 a sweeping filter/phaser

at 0:54 make the bass hits shorter and punchier, like almost stabby.

moar filters and sweeps, bit variation in drums and maybe a layer pad (try a PWM one) :) maybe even a hoover can fit in there!

overall it sounds nice!

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