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  1. i have a roland juno here where i can probably make a sf2 bank from for you to use in dance mixes? as you can hear from my mixes (if youve heard em) im mainly into dance/trance heh
  2. heres an example recording of the hoover: http://snd.sc/HIGPlL
  3. ye~s! that's it, and try getting the timing errors out of there.
  4. strum guitar: eg, you're strumming the accoustic guitar, not? soften it a little with a filter, and add some chorus/flanger/phaser
  5. cant get the hoover to fit in the mix, the main issue is the bpm of the source track being not absolute lol are you using fruity?
  6. try soften the strum guitar, it is really "on top" of everything. and add a touch of chorus and/or flanger/phaser to it. what do you think of that?
  7. sounds good! ill wait for the bass! (although i still think this song was absolutely MADE for accordeon)
  8. its gotten better! but the hoover i meant is a little higher, now it makes your track go blurry. i have the perfect hoover sound right here on my synth lol. ill try to add it to you track if thats ok? its hard to explain sounds, sounds should be heard!
  9. theres a difference between reverb and reverb if you for example want a wide space reverb, you have to define a large room size, and up the decay a bit (not too much or it'll take over your soundscape as notes fill) be careful on which instruments you use reverb! metallic sounds only need a little, or they will fill your entire soundscape, softer instruments can use a little more. are you familiar with soundfonts? theres tons of em on the net, waiting to be used! (some sound incredibly good!) or you can contact me for a good fitting soundfont sample.
  10. i am pretty sure it is from monkey island, one of the voodoo themes. http://youtu.be/rY8UtQ0FDa8
  11. sounds good, but there's no bassline and the chords do not progress like in the original source. that kinda annoys me. but the mix is clean!
  12. up the tempo and make the bassdrum a bit distorted and youve got an instant hit! wheres the goddamn hoover???
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