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Xbox 360 Noise


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(I hope I'm posting this in the right plaaace.)


A few days ago my Xbox 360 started making this noise while I played Fallout: New Vegas. It's never made the noise before. I am extremely careful with it, keep it flat, dusted off, out in the open where it can dissipate heat; I've even got a little fan blowing on the case to help with that. It's only about 5-6 months old. The worst thing that's happened to it was going through the mail from Maryland to Guam, but it was packed really well and has been working perfectly before and after. I did once accidentally move it while it was on and I was playing BlazBlue... just like two feet from one part of the table to the other, and nothing seemed to explode or start messing up. Until last week, I've barely been using it for the last month. Now me and my sister have been giving it maybe 4 hour sessions a day. So far, the noise has only happened to me, when I play on the non-Xbox-live account. And I think that's everything!

My sister's friend says there's something wrong with the disc-reading thingummy and we ought to "bring it in" to get it looked at, before it putters out completely and/or breaks the game disc. If it turns out we do need to do this, what does "bring it in" mean? Ship it to Microsoft? Take it to a local GameStop and see if they do repairs?

This is the first time I've ever had a problem with a console, so... I'm stumped.

I'm going to test out another game on it and find out if it's just the New Vegas disc, meanwhile...

Edit: So far nothing weird with Red Dead Redemption.

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the way it spins down at the end leads me to believe it's coming from the disc drive itself. i've heard a similar sound before from my wii that i determined was the result of an imbalance in the disc caused by those stupid stickers gamestop and company put on rental and/or used discs. if it's not that or some other defect in the disc i have no idear. i don't have an xbox 360 so don't ask me what to do about it. :(

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No stickers on the disc, and it looks clean... but who knows if it's warped or something else.

My sister was playing for an hour without it happening, then she discovered Hidden Valley and that got it going again on her game. Which stinks, because I was hoping it was just corruption/bug on my save file that was triggering something. Or maybe it's just Hidden Valley. :?

Gonna take the disc in for replacement tomorrow and see if that clears it up.

Edit: HURRAH. Took the game in to both stores. First store, the guy says, "Oh, that's probably normal, it's a buggy game and the Xbox can't handle its graphics." Wouldn't give us a replacement. Took it to the other one, lied about the problems we were having, got a new disc, no more weird noise. Played for hours. *jig*

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