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  1. I am very sorry. Can a mod please delete this?
  2. Honest question: Is there a version of the FF6 opera song(s) that sounds like Within Temptation anywhere? That isn't done by the Black Mages? I don't remember if they did one or not, but I heard one version of it done in some kind of official capacity and didn't like the singers...
  3. No stickers on the disc, and it looks clean... but who knows if it's warped or something else. My sister was playing for an hour without it happening, then she discovered Hidden Valley and that got it going again on her game. Which stinks, because I was hoping it was just corruption/bug on my save file that was triggering something. Or maybe it's just Hidden Valley. Gonna take the disc in for replacement tomorrow and see if that clears it up. Edit: HURRAH. Took the game in to both stores. First store, the guy says, "Oh, that's probably normal, it's a buggy game and the Xbox can't handle its g
  4. (I hope I'm posting this in the right plaaace.) http://soundcloud.com/zheep/xbox-weird-purr A few days ago my Xbox 360 started making this noise while I played Fallout: New Vegas. It's never made the noise before. I am extremely careful with it, keep it flat, dusted off, out in the open where it can dissipate heat; I've even got a little fan blowing on the case to help with that. It's only about 5-6 months old. The worst thing that's happened to it was going through the mail from Maryland to Guam, but it was packed really well and has been working perfectly before and after. I did once acciden
  5. I'm interested to know that, too. My first ever mp3 player was a Creative MuVo, and I've loved them ever since. They're out of production now, so whenever I lose/break* it, the only place I can get a new one is Ebay... I've been sorting my mp3s out with just Windows Explorer for so many years, it took me weeks just to figure out how to organize things in iTunes. And still the best way to do that was to download Mp3Tag and manually sort out all the internal data... You never had to deal with that on a MuVo. I don't know what other way it could organize files, but the default way was alphabetic
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! The choir bit will definitely be changed when I start producing it. Either it'll be replaced by a singer, or some other instrument. Not sure if brass will work, 'cos it kind of clashed with the trumpet already in there when I tried it out... but with some panning and EQ, it might sound good. For now, I threw in a second guitar and a little trumpet bit in the interlude. http://www.mediafire.com/?cgevdmd73q6m8rm Later, the main guitar will have a few tweaks, triplets or something interesting, where it'll fit. I think I might add in some more drums as well—at least so
  7. Only midi for now: http://www.mediafire.com/?5lfdypyj8z335cp Original: So I kind of hit a wall on this one. It's more of an arrangement than a remix... the original melody's so good, I can't think of anything more to do with it, except add lyrics and sing it. Maaaybe fiddle around with the interlude a little more? I was going for a kind of style, but that could change.What would you do, composition-wise, if you wanted to pass the panel with this?
  8. When I got bored of Red Dead Redemption's soundtrack, these got onto a playlist of my own... http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00623/ - Chrono Cross, "Dubbing the Body"; harmonica! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00271/ - FF6, "Shadow's Theme" http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00205/ - FF6, "Death on the Snowfield"
  9. Wahh. So sorry for not replying earlier. Really have no excuse (laziness and fear?) Anyway, thanks, guys! This has been tearing me up for a while now, so your replies have soothed that dragon considerably. I maaay even start to put some of my songs in the workshop forums now I know I won't get laughed out for nicking a few things. (Mr. Bleck, you are my hero, too. )
  10. Something of a moral dilemma... At what point, when working on a remix, does it stop being a remix and start being an original composition with, say, really familiar chords? I have two examples of this, and one example of another kind of cross-over point. In the first two, the songs were basically just chords without any melodies (or very few) of their own. So I added melodies of my own, stirred things around as usual... but when it was all done, I felt like I had composed more of the piece than the original composer had. The song was more "mine" than theirs, in my mind. http://www.mediafire.
  11. What else can we do for people like that, though? They're going to be turned off by any PRC with an unfamiliar game anyway. For me, the prize of getting a chanceto pick the next song is worth fiddling around in unfamiliar territory. If that's not enough, what else can tempt people into it? For everyone else, an extra option or two might just be the thing. You wouldn't have to mix them all together, same as when there's a tied round; you can do one or the other if you like. Hmm... What if remixers who apply get to pick one game, and then there's a 2-3 day poll, where all the people interested i
  12. What if the winner could choose not one, but up to three uncovered tracks (maybe so long as they're from the same game?) I don't often miss seeing a new PRC start, but if I'm not too busy to enter that week, usually the problem is I just can't get into the feel of the chosen song. Half the time I'll work on it a bit, lose the mood, and forget about it until the next one starts. Having three to choose from might get a little more inspiration flowing. If one isn't working out, give the other two a shot, or find ways to combine them to build medley skills or something. If nothing else, it might g
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