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what genre is this?


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Got some jazzy harmonies in parts goin' on. For genre though....I'd call it....Calum? :P

haha, yeah... that's it really... it's in like 3/4 or 6/8 and it's got these strange harmonies, so the drums and bass don't really point towards one particular genre... hmm... it's pretty similar to "image of a hero" from Phantasy Star Online soundtrack.

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I wanna peg it as something like acid jazz or trip hop, but it doesn't feel quite right. There are a lot of sub genres of electronic and hip hop out there that I'm really not familiar with, so I'm sure there's a word for this SOMEWHERE.

Pretty neat beat, really weird harmonies throughout, but a good weird. Also 3/4 and 6/8 are always awesome.

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major seventh/ninth(?) chords

DANGER: I'm probably about to talk quite inaccurately about chords, please feel free to correct me!

At the beginning it's made up of only slash chords (i can never really work out what they should be called - you could call them a dominant 11th with no third or fifth) - Notes from bottom up - D C E G - this could be D7/9/11 or D11 (whichever you would call it...) or just C major with D in the bass - C/D...

If anyone was vaguely interested the first progression is C#/D# - F#/G# - F#/G - C/D so there's lots of semi-tone movement.

I honestly can't remember the finer details of the second one but it's a similar progression but instead i think they might be major 9th chords (C#, then C then F then E)... so many parallel chords!

I think acid jazz sounds like the best umbrella term! Thanks for all the feedback everyone :)

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