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  1. Cheers for having a listen bud. Gonna give this another once over when I get chance methinks. Will most likely rewrite some of the parts/sections and do a fresh mix. Thanks guys
  2. Haven't had much chance to work on music recently but thought I'd dust off my DAW and get stuck in by finishing off my ducktales remix. Any feedback is welcome. As far as the trumpet samples go... I haven't got any better and I can't get anything else fit as well so keeping them. Remix: https://soundcloud.com/draft-arrangements/lunacy-finished
  3. Aw you guys are the best for remembering (or seeing on facebook ) Hope you had an awesome day Pete Much love, Mag
  4. I wasn't sure whether to post this or not as I have a feeling its probably one of those sources that has been done many many times, but fuk it. Archangel inspired me to do some orchestral arrangements and I thought I'd kick it off with a source I truly love. Its really early days. Some things I'm aware that need altering: The string sequencing at the start Trumpets at 00:44 need some more humanizing I need to actually learn the guitar part properly Write a drum part that doesn't loop Mixing at 1:51 needs cleaning up as it gets a bit too busy 2:15 onwards is just a skeleton arrangement. Need to flesh it out. There are many other things that need sorting I'm sure, but that's why I thought I'd post it here Any help, as always, is much appreciated Source: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/draft-arrangements/wip-lunacy UPDATED Remix: https://soundcloud.com/draft-arrangements/lunacy-finished
  5. I have to say I'm somewhat suprised at how much negativity there was in those comments at Sonic Stadium but hey ho.....who really gives a crap?! Not everyone is gonna like what you put out but going by the Youtube comments there seem to be a lot that will love the album. I have to say I'm loving each of the vocal mixes and this will be a real treat when it hits. They just simply don't get it bra'. There ain't no midi rips here!!!
  6. Cheers for having a listen bud. I'm currently suffering from temporary deafness so will give it another once over when I'm feeling better I've been cautious on the top end because the last version was horrific in that range. Edit: Final version in opening post.
  7. Thanks again for the feedback. I've tweaked what you said but also been developing the mix further and experimenting with the instrumentation and effects. Anywho, feedback as always is greatly appreciated: Check first post for link
  8. So so beautiful. I really like your source choice. HOMM 3 is another one of my all-time favourite PC games. It would be great if I could offer something more constructive but all I can say is that it sounds fantastic like all the other stuff you do. Your music always makes me want to go back to the days of playing in Orchestras. Awesome stuff bud and don't leave us waiting too long for some more
  9. Got a nice shiny resub of this: Data Flux So, I've had some feedback from the judges which is great. Really highlighted problems that are so unbelievably obvious that I feel like kicking myself. Regardless, its great to come back to this one and give it another go. I lost the later versions but that was no great loss if honest. I've pretty much redone everything so yeah....feedback is appreciated. I'm keeping this marked as WIP for a few days as I'll come back to it with some fresh ears. It should then be easier to see if any further tweaks are needed.
  10. So awesome. Got it on repeat. You've ruined the surprise though by publicly releasing your WIP. Sad times dude
  11. 1) I really don't know if this is possible. Not noticed such a function. You can make a marker track, but no idea as to if you can export a single track into different parts from using one. 2) You should be able to do a batch export for separate channels. I only have Artist 6 but I remember from using the full version of 5 that this was possible. (Just looked it up, here be a link: http://www.musictechnologycentre.co.uk/cubase5/feature10.html )
  12. I have to say this game is just awesome. The graphics on PC are insane, the way the limbo levels morph and change just look amazing. The PS3 version was just ran too choppy for my liking though. It ruined the slick gameplay. My only gripe with this DMC is being forced to use certain weapons to defeat certain enemies which you never had before. It would be easier to beat some enemies with different weapons but never the sole means to do so. Not sure this has the replayability of 3 or 4 for me but still a blast all the same. Edit: Screenshots do not do this game's visuals justice
  13. Piccolo...though could potentially also be a flute but I'm hedging bets on it most likely being piccolo as its typically used in heavy sections like that of orchestral works to add "sparkle".
  14. Amazing!! So enjoyable and beautifully crafted. Such a fantastic start to the PCR Initiative Only one thing......GIVE US MOARE!!!!
  15. Absolutely loved this mix as soon as I heard it on the album release. A fantastic collaboration that is just so enjoyable. It sounds so close to the source but at the same time, completely different. This is a very enjoyable mix and one that I keep coming back to. The introduction is just beautiful. The guitar and piano work so well together and builds to the heavy/rockin' guitars perfectly.
  16. We do indeed bud. I've been so out of it that I haven't been logged into OCR much recently. Happy belated birthday and thank you for the birthday well-wishing

  17. Just posting to say that I had a recent hard drive malfunction. Yep, I backed up but nope, my project file for this and many of my other tracks are unreadable. I doubt I'll have anything for the next deadline but I'll see what I can do. A lot going on at the moment so apologies for delays with updates.
  18. Thanks for nice comments guys. Yeah, this one is an old one and so it is rough round the edges. I don't know what I'll be doing in the future but I just hope that whoever listens, enjoys what I produce. Much love to all who've had a listen
  19. MACAROOOOOOOOOONIIIIIII CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!! Yeah, loved it. A really great advancement from Proto's last album. Funky awesomeness.
  20. I know the dates tomorrow but, I've gone an sent my WIP to SuperiorX. Not gonna have chance to do much by tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to when there is a WIP forum up so we can all have a listen to people's tracks. So much mystery at the moment!!!
  21. If I understand correctly you want to try and sort out a harmonic progression? If so, the best place to start would be with the bass. Get a bassline that works with the melody. Start with whole notes perhaps, then develop it further by maybe switching some of the whole notes for 2-beat notes. Often (not always) your melody will imply a harmonic progression, so perhaps a good start would be to copy the melody line, put it down an octave or two and then start taking out some notes. Find the ones that are the root of a chord/harmony. Typically the first notes of a bar will have the strongest influence on what the chord might be. Obviously though, this depends on your melody line and how you've written it. Just as an added thought, you could be having difficulty with harmonizing it because you haven't worked out where the chord switches could potentially be. You may have to alter the melodic line if the harmony is switching too fast for your liking. Having said that though, if you can't work out a chord per bar, it could be you need to have 2. Hope that helps and that I understood your question correctly. If you want something more in-depth I'm happy to oblige
  22. Thanks for the feedback. The arrangement and......well most aspects of the mix just weren't gelling for me so I've completely re-done it. http://soundcloud.com/draft-arrangements/memory-ver-2 Its shorter and more focused. The structure is finished but from about 2:11 the remix is incomplete. The production is almost there but I'm currently afflicted with tempory deafness so I'm sure there is a lot I'm missing in terms of EQ and potential ducking on the limiter. Anywho, as usual, feedback is appreciated. If you listened to the previous version let me know if you prefer this one
  23. As the title says this is a cover, not a rearrangement/remix. I was experimenting to see if I could recreate the track's production and style. It's fairly close, but the original is definitely better. I thought I'd post it just to see if anyone could give some feedback production. Also if you happen to know how to make the synth that sounds like the stabs (they appear at 00:19 in the original) that would be amazing. I got acceptable results with a saw-wave and using an LFO to modulate the pulse-width but still doesn't have the same character Anywho, here are the links. Source: Cover: http://soundcloud.com/draft-arrangements/theme-of-adol-cover-1
  24. Started this one yesterday and quite liking how its going. Its an early WIP so lacking in polish. The drums are just on a loop and so nothing particularly exciting. With the lead sax, it could end up being a real recorded sax or it may end up with some trombone. Not fully decided...I could always have both. But yeah, let me know what you think. Source: Remix: http://soundcloud.com/draft-arrangements/chemical-swing
  25. Damn, this is really awesome. This BGM works so so well in this dirty style. I'm especially loving how you've kept the original so recognizable yet fresh. Just a perfect mix post for Halloween.
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