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Gray Planet (remix) - A Remix...Of Original VGM


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Apparently there is someone on soundcloud with the username Farcaster. I will use the name Cinctulus for my uploads, since that's my most common username for other things.

Although this is a remix, I'm pretty sure it belongs here. This is a remix I recently did of a song I wrote for a class project. I figured sharing this would be a good way to introduce myself as an artist here. The project was a very basic flash platformer which was written for a (again, very basic) game programming class. I'm not terribly proud of the source, but I feel obligated to post it because this is, in all respects, a remix.

FL Studio is my DAW of choice. I've been actively working with FL studio for a couple months now, but I've had it for years. I messed around with it a lot when I was 16 or so, but not enough to learn anything usable. I decided to install it again recently to write something for my game. Afterward, I picked up a few VSTs and that was that.

Source: http://soundcloud.com/cinctulus/grayplanet

Remix: http://soundcloud.com/cinctulus/gray-planet-remix

I look forward any and all feedback, good or bad :-D

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The remix link is broken, but the source is actually entertaining to listen to.

Can I get permission to remix the source too, for one of my upcoming music albums? This would be an example of what I occasionally do:


I do all sorts of music though. Heavy Metal, Electronica, Ambient, Retro, Jazz, and others.

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