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Angels and Demons (vocal)


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It has been some time since I last visited OCRemix; though today I'm looking for some musical advice. I recently acquired a sheetmusic book containing many of the songs heard in the film "Angels and Demons". One of the striking songs in it was 160bpm. It's an incredibly repetitive song with almost no room to place vocals. The repetitive element was solved by cycling through many different instruments and by trying not to use the same percussion sample too often. It turned out to be one of those songs where the percussion actually defines the feeling and the time within the song. I finally had the chance to use the anvil pack I had on my harddrive; I always wondered what it was supposed to be used for :D, now I know. Anyway, see links below for original and arrange

Reference song:

Arrange: http://soundcloud.com/ravensjig/ravens-jig-angels-and-demons

Thanks for listening if you do. I appreciate all commentary!

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Good concept. A couple of things to improve:

The low-end levels run just a little too hot in some sections, like from 1:14 to 1:20, and 4:25 to 4:36. Pull back the low-end just enough to lose the degradation.

I listened to 'My Heart Will Go On' as well. It has the same problem of running the low end too hot. It just slams out the rest of the mix every time the big drums hit.

Another issue that jumped out at me; It sounds like your singer needs to be more emotionally connected to the arrangement. She's technically decent, and has a sweet timbre, but she definitely needs to put more fire into it. The arrangement has tension and immediacy. She sounds like she's mostly just floating over it. Tell her to put more gusto into it. More fire. More spirit.

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