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Mega Man X3 - Zero Theme


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Yay midnight reviews! BTW I'm assuming this is for submission on OCR.

Kudos on taking on Zero's Theme from X3. By far the best song in the whole game IMO. Your song is decent, but there is a LOT of room for improvement. Especially if you want this to be posted to OCR.

I'm assuming the bleps and blips in the first 2 seconds are your trademark. That's cool, except that it's incredibly jarring to hear that followed by guitar riffs. Definitely remove it in the final version.

To start, this song can be classified as metal, but it feels way empty. This is due to arrangement and production problems. I can identify two lead guitars, with one that focuses on the main theme, and the other to provide overall background noise. That first guitar needs more of a boost, with the second and bass guitar on its side. If you can, work on your mixing so that all instruments work in unison, and not overpower each other.

As for the drums, I will say that it's satisfying to hear percussion that is they are neither too prominent or too soft. This is a rarity on these forums. Yet they are also somewhat repetitive, with very little overall variation (the judges are very picky on that issue). It's not as huge of an issue as much as the other things I've mentioned, but take a second look at them.

I would love to see a revision of this. The last person to tackle this source was DarkeSword, and that was FAR too long ago. KEEP IT UP!

I would also like for a more professional review of this track.

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@ gs1_felix.gif Nonamer

Thanks for the review, but I am done with this song. At least for now. I have a habit and going back to revise some of my tracks. It's rare. I will take your opinions into considerations. Also thanks for listening. I have more MM tracks on my youtube page from different games.

@ Infenro

Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it. I have other MM tracks as well. I may do more tracks from X3. I don't know as of right now. I'm currently working on other projects to upload.

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