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FL 10 - What Am I Doing? (title)

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Hey guys! I would really appreciate any sort of feedback you would like to give. The things I'm most worried about is the use of the saxaphone and if it sounds corny or not super duper, to me it sounds pretty good but I would still like to hear opinions. Also please PLEASE help me with any advice on composition, I think it's one thing I'm not super duper on. It's not mastered yet but still I'd like to hear any bits on my production too. :)!!


EDIT: Sorry about the levels being so low, I'm aware of it. I have gone with the method of not limiting the entire master, but just turning down the volume to around -8db. I think it'll make a big difference when mastering since I won't have compressed everything too much. For now just turn your volume up.

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Very nice sound. I like your combination of different styles

Thanks, I never really try to mix different styles, I just have a huge range of tastes in music so I blend whatever I think sounds awesome.

And Italy?! That's pretty awesome! :)!!

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I like it when people don't compress everything. Raw sound is much more pleasing to listen to in my opinion. I pretty much never use compression in my songs. Ever. In my opinion, you did a fantastic job of avoiding distortion while making the song sound good without compression. Feel proud.

I actually REALLY like this song a lot. The one and only thing I think you should expand on is the percussion so it varies a bit more. Not the beat, but the actual sound. Throughout the entirety of the song it's low and distorted.

Perhaps in the latter half, you could do an automation clip that gradually fades from that grungy sound to a more tight, "real" sound. Just something to keep the percussion from becoming stale. Or you could try and do a nice juxtaposition of genres. Start with that slow, down-tempo beat you already have, then change to a more drum and bass style afterward.

PS: At first I thought the name you chose for the song was more of a joke, but it suits it.

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I actually had not noticed that much about the beat yet, thanks for pointing that out I definitely will be varying that up alot more.

I am a fan of trying to keep mixing clear and precise not just a cluster, but even to me the high compression in many genres today (ex. Dubstep, dance, etc.) actually isn't ALWAYS bad and can sometimes be impressive. But it's true it shouldn't become the norm to cram the decibels together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The name is actually a serious title I thought of while making it, since I'm graduating high school I've become very overwhelmed with life and I'm afraid of not becoming anything spectacular.

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