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Underground Beat On That MF DOOM Vibe (Scooby-Doo Sample)

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Original Sample:


(Sample comes from 1:06 - 1:32)

Turned It Into This:


Gritty, underground type vibe -- has a bit of swooshing panning/phaser effects on it that you're either gonna love or hate but with some vocals on top of it to draw attention away from the effect and make it not so obvious, I think this could come together for a nice DOOM type track

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I remember seeing your stuff a while back and I've got to say you've gotten way better, this is pretty ill.

thanks man, yeah, i've definitely come a long way in the last like 8 months or so -- just been constantly trying to work with stuff to find my sound/style so I could really get my vibe down! thanks for the positive feed!

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