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  1. Please tell me this is coming out this month. I'm getting withdrawals from not getting anything posted on this site.
  2. I remember seeing your stuff a while back and I've got to say you've gotten way better, this is pretty ill.
  3. http://soundcloud.com/fli/power-fighter-remix or I guess I could upload it now since it doesn't matter for submissions
  4. I submitted it to OCR, if it doesn't pass then sure

  5. http://flimusic.bandcamp.com/album/college-beats-vol-3 Its been a while since I've been VGReMixing, and this is primarily why: rap production! Hopefully any rap heads on the forum dig it, and expect more rap ReMixes on this site in 2012.
  6. I like the feel of the piece, especially once it hits that strings breakdown, then its really grooving, but the main section sounds really cluttered. You've got a really busy kick, bassline, all of these scratching sfx sounds, sax/key leads, etc.. In contrast the string section has a really strong groove to it, I can't help but bob my head when it gets to that. Some general things you can do to improve this remix: 1. Tone down the main section, find a consistent groove that all of your rhythm section can sit in and let only elements you want to really emphasize go nuts. 2. Doing some basic EQing/levels on all of these tracks will help the mix gel better. 3. Consider low-passing the bass. Like Monobrow suggested, hit that range where it gives your bass some funk.
  7. I'm pumped, Z3ta+ was the shit in its heyday, really digital sounding but in such a way that it was ideal for some sounds.
  8. Actually its Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
  9. http://flimusic.bandcamp.com/album/college-beats-vol-1 This is a beat tape of various beats I've made, with some acapellas over most of the tracks (and a couple of features I was able to get as well). Hopefully all of the hip-hop OCR cats will enjoy.
  10. Thank you. The EP will sound much more like Guns//Dope (which will also be on it for that matter) but the other tracks are definitely more mellow and dubby, so happy compromises I guess. Its also worth mentioning the high distorted glitchy synth during the second drop is a really timestreched Snappleman Sonic 3 remix sample. I can't remember which one but I felt it was relevant given the forum.
  11. http://soundcloud.com/fli/perennial Something I did but doesn't really fit thematically with the Dubstep EP I'm working on right now.
  12. http://soundcloud.com/fli/lolmix Kind of a mish-mash of stuff, made because someone requested I DJ a party but I haven't really been practicing so I computer-mixed this instead.
  13. Conservative, yes, but Danny does conservative so damn well. With the original being so good it would've been tricky to make a mix sound this good without either being conservative, or straying far away from the original theme. Digging this a lot, nice job!
  14. Not a bad idea, I had no clue they were in the same key. That said, the mix isn't quite there yet. Here are a few things I noticed: 1. The whole mix is way too steady, and what I mean by that is the large majority is a typical dance beat (thump-snare-thump-snare) with that little arp-ish synth, and it gets really tiring. Even though this track is under 3 minutes it feels like 5, there's no real sense of structure. Try turning the entire Chrono Trigger section into a breakdown which swirls around for a while, you had the beat drop out for 4 bars but that's not enough. There needs to be more drama to the arrangement. 2. Well, really just fix 1 before getting to anything else. I love MWaMG and with there were more remixes of it but this needs some work. P.S. - Oh yeah, WHERE ARE THE HANDCLAPS?!?! That's like, the best part of MWaMG.
  15. These are sick, you're pretty damn solid at slicing up samples as well which is a rare thing to hear. Nice work.
  16. Yup, and thanks on the arpeggio (my favorite part of the track tbh)
  17. I normally don't dig these type of arrangements, but I found myself listening to this for about 15 minutes yesterday after forgetting it was looping. Very well done, I think you nailed it.
  18. Noted, and kind of fixed, as the whole chorus kind of "trances" itself in there. Anyway, updated the track slightly by adding some percussion at parts, I might add more once I'm using a real rap track instead of this Jadakiss acapella. I also slightly played with levels, extended the arrangement out another 8 bars (2nd verse felt like it needed it), and did something else I forgot. Same link as the 1st version.
  19. http://soundcloud.com/fli/ffviii-time-compression-remix Well, no rapping so far, but I was thinking about getting a vocalist for the chorus bits as well as a rapper for the verse parts. Aside from that, the general layout is done, with little minor tweaks probably needing to be made (varying up the drums, etc.). SOURCE: I'm also quite shocked at the lack of remixes for the source, its quite beautiful at points, especially the harp part. Comments?
  20. Eh, its annoying whenever it gets into "No True Scotsman" territory (like you described) but genres emerge because they can often be helpful descriptors. Given the state of music now and how its branching off into innumerable niches it seems that "tag-like" descriptors have been used more and more to describe music (most obviously by Pandora, but something I've noticed around people as well).
  21. Final Fantasy X - Someday the Dream Will End This is one of the few pieces of video game music that I always feel in my gut. It perfectly conveys the heroic choice made by Yuna while still maintaining the sense of dread felt by everyone, not to mention the great incorporation of Yuna's theme into the track as well.
  22. Drums sound kinda weird, but that may just be the soundclick compression. Sounds pretty good though.
  23. Maaaaaaaan I wish I knew a dude who could do that.
  24. http://soundcloud.com/fli/horny http://soundcloud.com/fli/back-to-basics http://soundcloud.com/fli/ra Just a few things I've made recently, I thought I made this post once before but apparently not.
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