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Puzzlejuice - Sippy Cup (Barebone WIP)


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Here it is, my first attempt at a remix. After a year and a half, I finally get around to making music of my own. And it's most likely horrid. Of course, the fact that I have only a few week's worth of piano training doesn't help me.

I decided to remix Big Giant Circles' Puzzlejuice - Casual Mode, mainly because it's not a complex song to rearrange melodically and the fact that it's incredibly catchy. I wrote down and played all the notes by ear.

I know that the arrangement is REALLY bare (it's just the main melody), since I'm still learning how to play piano cords (this might take a while). I want you guys to comment on the production value of the songs. Does the piano sound fine? If not, how can I improve it (I haven't even touched the settings on Logic)? Is there distortion/audio glitches that need to be fixed? Is the song too loud? Have at me.

The dropbox links to my "song" can be found here. It's available in aif, mp3, and m4a, with the latter two having a bit rate of 192kbps.


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You should use box.com, soundcloud, or tindeck to host your music so people don't have to download to listen; I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to downloading, and I know a lot of other people are too.

Haven't even listened yet haha, gimme a minute :)

EDIT: k listened. Did you record this? If you're still learning how to play an instrument, it might be beneficial to start off with sequencing stuff in the program rather than going straight to recording something, especially if you're still learning how to put the backing parts with the melody. There's not a whole lot here for me to crit haha, so I guess that about wraps it up for now

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Does the piano sound fine?

Generally, yeah. I use piano a lot in the stuff I write, and I find myself always going back to the same couple ones I like as instruments because the sound of a piano can vary so much, it's rough finding one you think sounds best. To me, I'd say this piano is a little hollow/mid-range sounding, but like I said, the range of piano sounds I enjoy is very narrow.

I work in Reason mainly, so I'm not sure how you're triggering your notes, but you'll find you can get a lot of variation by how hard you 'play' the note, and just how long you sustain it. Imagine someone playing this song for real on a piano. Are they going to actually hold the key down for as long as it sounds like there are here? Or would it be more of a percussive hit on the key, and then let the reverb/echo bleed down? You can/should also vary the volume of the notes a little so they all don't ring out at the same volume. A beautiful example of how to convey a ton of emotion with a simple piano melody would be something like this:

Just watch how she hits the notes, what's loudest, what's quiet, and which notes get held and which ones don't. Really getting into the mindset of how it should be played will help tons when trying to make it sound natural.

Is there distortion/audio glitches that need to be fixed?

I didn't hear any particular glitches or distortion you need to worry about.

Is the song too loud?

I would say it's right in the normal range. It didn't blow me away, but I didn't have to seek out the volume knob to hear it either.

Keep at it, sounds good so far,

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