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help IDing some songs

Deryck Khusial

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Hey guys, I seek your help in IDing some songs. A little backstory: I recently uncovered several CDR's I'd burned as a 15- or 16-year-old. I was able to ID most of the songs, but 8 slipped my memory. Of those 8, I later recalled some on my own, and a trusted friend helped me ID a few. Which just leaves these 3 I'm posting here:


IDed http://www.sendspace.com/file/ahv8x0 (my friend thinks this is an old DJ Shah production but i don't know..)


Being that I burned these songs at that age, the only thing I know for certain is they're from '02/'03 and before.

I'm also pretty sure they're amateur productions (as in, not signed releases), but if a mod would rather I upload clipped versions of the songs, let me know.

Posting to OCR on the off chance I mentioned these songs to someone on the forums back then. Thanks in advance!


Edit: I recalled the second one: Crizz Lee's Teardrops In My Eyes (SMP's Hard Mix). Crizz Lee, btw, is an old alias of Shah. That's the last time I doubt my friend. :)

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