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NEW ALBUM RELEASE! Aaron Parsons - Just Listen now on iTunes!


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First off, links for those who don't like reading:


So iTunes now hosts these "terrible" raps that your midwest VGMix 2 Filipino Canadian veteran, Double A Ron, has been producing all these years. Not that getting music on iTunes and Bandcamp is really a big deal at all. I'm just sayin.':-|

So now, the reason I post this is because I'm damn proud of this album I've produced and I only accept cash for the best of the best. Just Listen's vocals and beats were recorded before I went out of the heart of Canada to upgrade my interactive skills in 2009. I could say it's a remix album as I redid some of it during schooling. It was finished early 2010 and I spent my last year trying to find a low cost distributor that will get it out there for me.

I'm not great with sales pitches but what the hell; go to Walmart, get a $15 iTunes card, buy a few apps and this album! If you're tired of listening to Backspin or want something new that's similiar to rap from back in the day (AKA the 90s), or even want something similiar to Gangstarr, NAS, or Biggie, this is the album to "Just Listen" to. After listening to some horrible rap for years, it's time for something fresh, new and something that actually IS hip-hop.

Plus, if you prefer not to buy the album, you can dip your feet in the water with my single Further Than Nuts on my website, or my Hear This Right Now album produced in a small town now on Bandcamp (however, it's not the most positive of my jams you've heard).

So what are you waiting for? Buy a frickin' album from iTunes or Bandcamp or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or just check out my colourful website to find more info!

Note: bare with me if you're watching my introductory video on my site; I was pretty dead tired and starving so that's why I either look stoned or high.


-Aaron "Double A Ron" Parsons

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vocals are mixed too quietly overall, and lyrics are often obscured completely by other instruments

lots of rhythmic issues in the vocal performance that could have easily been re-recorded or even quantized with a small amount of sample editing

heavily-religious lyrics left me with no memorable impression

album artwork is a 30-second MSPaint job


...really? and you wonder why there's been no response? quite frankly, the product doesn't measure up to the promise (or the price), and the whole presentation looks like a soulless, egotistical cash-grab.

I recommend showing your audience some humility and respect by trusting them to name their own price.

Edit: my intention is not to tear down your album needlessly or hurt your feelings. All complaints aside, I appreciated the catchy beats and overall musicality, and I was bobbing my head along for most of the album.

my point is: if you're truly concerned about generating buzz or growing your fanbase, don't put a big ugly price-tag on your music.

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