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Overworld and Battle Themes

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Hey everyone!, after around 8 years of lurking I finally decided to make a thread, and today I come to you with a request, especially after getting seriously bashed on /v/ by uneducated close minded people.

Here's the deal, I'd like to make a playlist of both Overworld themes and Battle themes to listen while playing Guild Wars 2, but there's just so many tracks to select from I could really appreciate some help. Basically, I'm done with western orchestral music, as much as I love it and admire artists like Jeremy Soule, I grew tired of the genre, and even if GW2 has some brilliant OST, I'm looking for some variety.

My preferences?, mostly oriented to Motoi Sakuraba style (but not limited to him), played Valkyrie Profile 2 and listened to Eternal Sonata OST and I absolutely loved both, they have some really immersive overworld tracks as well as battle ones.

So that's basically it, I could use some recommendations :), in case there's a similar thread or this is not the correct forum for this topic, notify me and I'll try taking care of it.

Thanks in advance!!

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I usually just look through YouTube playlists if I'm looking for something as general as this. They almost always include the universal favorites, plus you get some individual flavor. Here are just some starting points for overworld and battle lists. Of course, you could probably get a couple hours' worth just by searching for Sakuraba battle themes.

Or, maybe it'd be easier to just go through this thread:

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