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  1. I didn't know you were here at OCR, been listening to your stuff for a while, and this last album does not disappoint. Loving it, specially Gutsman theme
  2. Big fan of RockLeeSmile, a cool, humble guy who uploads daily videos of him trying out various indie games and he also does some LPs (Spelunky, MTG, Rogue Legacy and a few more). Pretty sensible dude, I really enjoy his style.
  3. I can't wait until they make another of the Red Wedding scene.
  4. I was about 9 when I played it, scary stuff
  5. Mandatory: completely remove this scene from FFX Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about
  6. While well edited and full of clear examples, I don't think the whole 23 min video added anything new that we didn't know. Yes, the concept of "damsel in distress" is overused. Does it sell?, probably yes, to the majority of the audience at least. So why trying to 'fix' something that already works?, we're talking about big companies, not moral enterprises, most of the writers working there on games stories are probably given a template they have to fulfill, so that doesn't give them much of a choice anyway. The concept is simple and really easy and lazy to implement, and in the end, it kind of works. So I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  7. Edited my post, thanks for the quote!
  8. The game's really fun for now, although sadly there's no save feature
  9. mandatory. I love how calm and cold this track is, I had no idea of what Mother 2 was but as soon as I heard it on some online game music broadcast so many years ago I instantly realized it had to be a snow themed track and fell in love with it. what's not to love?, nostalgia is probably speaking for me on this one. Contrasted with the track above, I like how optimistic this track sounds and I certanly love the bass. I guess the rest is the combination of the music + background, that somehow always warped me into the game when I was a kid
  10. Hey everyone!, after around 8 years of lurking I finally decided to make a thread, and today I come to you with a request, especially after getting seriously bashed on /v/ by uneducated close minded people. Here's the deal, I'd like to make a playlist of both Overworld themes and Battle themes to listen while playing Guild Wars 2, but there's just so many tracks to select from I could really appreciate some help. Basically, I'm done with western orchestral music, as much as I love it and admire artists like Jeremy Soule, I grew tired of the genre, and even if GW2 has some brilliant OST, I'm looking for some variety. My preferences?, mostly oriented to Motoi Sakuraba style (but not limited to him), played Valkyrie Profile 2 and listened to Eternal Sonata OST and I absolutely loved both, they have some really immersive overworld tracks as well as battle ones. So that's basically it, I could use some recommendations , in case there's a similar thread or this is not the correct forum for this topic, notify me and I'll try taking care of it. Thanks in advance!!
  11. "We’ll be conducting a stress test on Monday May 14 from 11 AM to 6:00 PM PDT (-7 GMT). This special test event is open only to Pre-Purchase customers who have registered their accounts. With your help, we can conduct important tests and address some of the issues we identified during our first Beta Weekend Event. During this event, all you need to do is play normally with a new or existing character on your Beta account using the same game client. Please note that since this is a stress test of our servers, you may experience some in-game performance issues. If you’ve pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 and wish to participate in the stress test, we recommend that you register the account and download the game client." For those who don't check Facebook often. Personally, I'm wet and waiting already.
  12. Manoo2k

    Cube world

    I don't really think this looks anything like Minecraft. Even if the environment is represented in cubes, this one seems to focus more on combat with RPG elements while Minecraft is based on creativity and construction. They certainly tried to refine combat in the adventure patch, but I still don't really think it's that competent or enjoyable as it could be. I'll keep an eye on this one, looks sweet and seems to have some nice background music
  13. Closely followed by Michiru Yamane if I may add. But I think he's reffering to VG remixers in the site more than VG composers of large franchises
  14. But if it isn't the guy who thows out 16 sec samples and abandon most of his mixes at an early stage. This time I think you got something solid, I'm not expert myself but I really like where this is going, keep working on it tho, don't give it up.
  15. No love for Shaco?, I'm having an awsome time with that one
  16. what's the source of this? i've played this game some years ago and I can't really remember, but this sounds really sweet and smooth
  17. Ah, I've been lurking this site hoping to find a Puggsy (or Dynamite Headdy) remixes for years now, and this pretty much fulfills my expectations after so many years of nothing It's a shame, really, that Puggsy is such an underrated game with such awsome music. I remember being 10 years old when I decided to buy that game JUST because of the music after trying it for some minutes on the store. This is sweet and easy to listen, you should really submit it. Hope you're working on some other Puggsy mixes
  18. I'm no expert myself but I can say I like it so far. But my nostalgia factor may be speaking for me, this song in particular brings me too many memories. Keep working on it, I'd love to see this piece finished
  19. market's crazy gents, i've just made 800 CE in half an hour with it, make use of it while you can
  20. Thanks all for the replies!, I finally decided to go for Avenger after watching some videos. That is, if I can get the last 2 tokens I need. I'm getting exhausted of partying with random 12 years old kids who spend all their mist tank ressurecting in early levels and then leave mad because you don't want to put them on tab.
  21. Hey all, I'm kinda new on the forums but I've been lurking this website for around 7 or 8 years now. Some weeks ago I found this thread and decided to try out Spiral Knights. What to say, I love it, it's basically the MMORPG I've been dreaming all my life. Name's Anesthetize ingame, feel free to add me as friend. I might as well ask you all a simple question perhaps most of you must've had. I'm getting my 25th Jelly Token pretty soon, so: Sealed Sword or Antigua?, and I'm talking about usefulness, I don't care about how stylish Antigua series look. My skill level is equal on both weapons and I really have no personal prefference, both of them are lovely to me. Thanks in advance!
  22. This remix is on my cellphone for SMS alert for like 2.5 years now and I think im going to keep it till I die:-D Awsome song.
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