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The progression follows some descending bass line, and instead of IV, it's a iv chord. It's the following chord that I'm wondering about (0:39).

The bass plays the.. minor seventh of the key, the main melody plays the fifth. Could it be a bIII chord?

The bass plays the fifth of the chord. The melody plays the third. The root is somewhere in the harmony.

The root, being the minor third of the key, would lead to the major third, making it a p cool move.


The next chord comes at 1:07. Instead of circle of fifth'ing back to the tonic like the previous section (~0:50), it goes from the ii > ? > V.

During ?'s duration, there's prominent usage of the fourth, minor sixth and minor seventh. I don't have any guesses at what that chord's supposed to be.

That minor sixth sets up the fifth in the next chord, though, right?

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You're way overthinking something so simple. The entire section is in F. What you're hearing that might be throwing you are is the harmony when the bass changes to A# giving the part at 1:07 a suspended 4th sound and then going into a Cmaj7 sound with the next note. But that's just the melody and doesn't do anything to change the Fmajor progression going on underneath with the rhythm.

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Is it not in C? (EDIT: Oh yes, the second section... is effectively in F : ))

from 0:30 - C, G/B, Am, C/G, Fm, Bb (add 2nd and a 6th if you want because of the melody - so you have Bb, C, D, F, G as your chord), C, C7...

Then from 0:58 - F, G7, Em, Am7, Dm7, Bb(add2), G7sus4, G7...

I think the chord you're having trouble with is the same chord in both cases. The melody implies more notes just a triad - especially with this kinda music where it's bass + melody as the most prominent thing its easy to find chords that seem to get misled by the melody.

BUUUUT anyway, this is what it seems like to me. : )

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