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  1. Compare your song to one you want yours to sound like, and EQ until they sound similar. They don't have to end up sounding close, but your song should sound better than when trying to mix it in isolation (for now).
  2. Source: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/grayburg/our5 It's been a long time, but I'm finally going to finish a song, and would like some feedback. Is the tampering of the verse's melody too noticeable? It sounds so much better with the backup singers hitting off beat, but the gaps created by doing so had to be filled somehow.. How's the mixing? Atm, the volume of the vocals need to be fixed in a few places. The snare might be fattened up as well. I'd also like to know what part of the writing seems too.. corny? to be acceptable.
  3. Just bought it, and trying it out. I'm noticing a slight delay between key presses on my keyboard and sound coming out. There's one midi cable from my keyboard's midi out to the 1x1's midi in. Then it's connected to the computer through the usb to usb b(?) cable. I let the computer install the drivers automatically, and didn't use supplied CD's or M-Audio's website's drivers. i5-3330, and it's a minimal project with a VST. I saw a video that said I needed two midi cables for less latency as well. I'm about to go out and buy another one, but why would that help with latency issues?
  4. Interesting.. I'll check it out again. I guess I'm still finding it hard to notice songs changing key.
  5. The progression follows some descending bass line, and instead of IV, it's a iv chord. It's the following chord that I'm wondering about (0:39). The bass plays the.. minor seventh of the key, the main melody plays the fifth. Could it be a bIII chord? The bass plays the fifth of the chord. The melody plays the third. The root is somewhere in the harmony. The root, being the minor third of the key, would lead to the major third, making it a p cool move. -- The next chord comes at 1:07. Instead of circle of fifth'ing back to the tonic like the previous section (~0:50), it goes from the ii > ? > V. During ?'s duration, there's prominent usage of the fourth, minor sixth and minor seventh. I don't have any guesses at what that chord's supposed to be. That minor sixth sets up the fifth in the next chord, though, right?
  6. orig: arrange: http://soundcloud.com/grayburg/ground-carrier-u-n-squadron Thanks, OCR, for reminding me of this lovely OST. I felt like listening to a better quality version of this song, so.. here it is. Hope you guys enjoy, too. ^^
  7. I like your writing style. Shootin' the Breeze and On Our Way were enjoyable. ^^
  8. original: arrange: http://soundcloud.com/grayburg/theme-of-layton This particular song had melodies perfect for what I felt like arranging. Hope you guys enjoy. Comments and criticisms, plis. ^^
  9. Good stuff. ^^ speaking of... i've been lovin my gm power kit. lol
  10. I'd describe it as having a ton of sustain as opposed to having the bulk of the volume at the very beginning. Here are some examples: And some regular snares: I know it's probably just COMPRESSION!! and a ton of reverb, but regular snare samples never turn into anything that.. meaty? There are a lot of good snare samples out there, but they don't seem to mold into this sound. Tips or samples?
  11. Yeah, SnappleMan worded it better than I could. IIRC, my computer created some pos 28mb sf2. I miss it ;_;
  12. Does anyone have a link to that program that creates a .sf2 from your computer's MIDI synth? I'm not sure how to search for it again.
  13. cool, thanks seems to make sense physically
  14. not pcb, no sanae => no comments pullin this outta my ass, but i have a feeling ocr isn't hipster enough to be too familiar with that whole touhou thing.
  15. dat pop synth i can guess it's primarily a sine wave with some portamento. anything else to make it sound less.. basic?
  16. aight koo; i'll rethink these things; thanks for tips @gar23 go away with that stuff
  17. Thanks for the analysis. About the second song, uh, I guess I don't know how to name notes. The first two notes in the chorus are C# and B, which B is the minor sixth in Eb minor, right? It's used throughout, and even rests on it, or whatever, after the chorus, too. This is probably something big. I have no idea how or when to use the melodic or harmonic scale over the regular one. I couldn't even tell that song used them, either.
  18. I did learn those two things from studying other songs. ( and )It's just that some other techniques just blow my mind, and it feels like I'm not prepared to even begin trying to comprehend them. Like, , the bass plays a minor sixth, while the lead plays a major second. Forms a tritone, doesn't it? Why's it sound so sweet, though? It's being preceded by some normal major-key stuff, afaik. notes are from Eb minor, but it centers around the minor sixth. I've never seen a melody use minor sixths so liberally.. only very briefly, like in this chorus. Some mode business is going on, right?I think there are some fundamental concepts I'm still missing before trying to examine those setups.
  19. I only know how to use chromatic notes in two situations, shown in this short example. -using a major fifth chord in a minor key, but the setup shown is the only method I know -using a sus4 > major on a would be minor, tonic chord in a minor key -using a flatted fifth note in melodies, I guess, but I can only use them for solos Other setups in songs confuse me. What should I be reading on now? I've got a couple newb books, but I think I've already extracted what I wanted.
  20. Bringing it back to the genre that got me into music in the first place, complete with corny dj gimmicks. Soundcloud
  21. SoundCloud Came up with this after replaying a few old RPGs. While it's still a WIP, I'm kind of burned out again. Hope you guys enjoy, though.
  22. The horn that plays at the beginning and end wasn't very enjoyable to listen to. The transition into the harp and strings was well done. Their section is well written and sounds good, but the cymbal roll sounded kind of aliased, or something. Which is only something small, since that can be replaced easily. The orchestral writing is godlike compared to what I could do, so lol.
  23. http://tindeck.com/listen/gcsj Only recently found using one amp'd rhythm guitar sent to two hard-panned channels != two different amp'd channels. Been obsessed with stepping up my sound quality from there (which has been raping my processor lol). I'm looking for tips on where I should EQ differently, and also about what the instruments are actually playing. I only have garbage piano experience, so even that is likely to be poorly voiced. Also, I'm looking for some rock songs with heavy string and/or piano use. It's like.. impossible to have a natural, full sounding strings or pianos if they're also dealing with lead and rhythm guitars also hogging up the entire spectrum.
  24. I used a bit more compression on the drums. I kind of like a dryer sound as well, though. Part of the problem may be coming from not really wanting to compromise the sound of the strings and piano, but, in these mixes, they're already higher in the frequencies than I like them solo.
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