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Hey there, guys, this is my first time posting here. A friend of mine just referred me to this site and I love what I'm seeing so far. So I figured why not make my introduction by posting an original song of mine. Not really a good example of what I make, but then again most of my stuff is experimenting with genres I don't know that well.

Please enjoy, or tear me a new one with how much I've failed, either would be appreciated. :)

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I really liked this!

My only critique is that there wasn't a big climactic point in the song. It just seemed to lull a bit repetitively onward and then finish. I would add some cymbal crescendos and a few drum hits just for some extra dramatic flavor.

Keep up the good work, though!

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Thank you!

Yeah, now that you mention it, it probably does need some kind of climax or something. It does drone on. But that was kinda the idea, if I remember right, it's supposed to sound a bit like a soundtrack for some kind of depressing, dark scene.

Either way, that particular song is quite old, I don't think I even have the project anymore. But I might go back and remake it someday. I have quite a few more songs, so I'll be posting those soon, too. I have two other songs uploaded to my blog, which I'll likely be posting next.

Also, finding this site has inspired me to make a cover of a theme from Warcraft 2, which my band plays. It's a metal version of Human 2. So you can expect that at some point, too. :)

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