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[Trance] WIP


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hello all, just registered here figured id get some posts in... ive been producing on and off for a good number of years now, self-taught entirely though. tough way to learn. anyway heres a work-in-progress track that ill be unable to ever finish since my computer got messed up and i lost all my files.


i can produce a lot of other genres and styles, but thats pretty much the kind of sounds i like to work with. id love to collab with others on some content for ocremix. favorite system is n64. :grin: get at me

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The bass is a little too much since it's basically a stream of bass.

The change at 1:05 is cool.

Good choice of instruments and panning.

n64 is over8ed, PS1 ftw. ;3

yea i half-heartedly agree about the bass, it's like 0.1 - 0.2 too loud but at the same time it doesnt necessarily drown anything else out so i don't feel too bad about it. i guess what i could have done is put something else in that freq range? most of the synths i crafted myself, i avoid using presets as much as possible. not that they're anything special or anything.

n64 is overrated?! we cant be friends anymore!

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I see. I don't mind using presets if they are exactly what I was looking for but I will usually tweak them.

I'm mostly saying n64 is overrated since I didn't grow up with it as much as PS1. I mean n64 DOES have Superman 64.

yea theres nothing wrong with taking presets and tweaking and filtering them, i think the reason i hate doing it is that the main genre of music i listen to is psytrance, and there's an emphasis on sound design. so to hear just a plan old naked preset, sometimes the first one of a VST.. makes me cringe lol.

and yeah superman64 did suck, i hate most super-hero stuff anyway. i think the music on the 64 in general was at the forefront of that whole golden era. Tetrisphere, man.... Tetrisphere.

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