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  1. what ive learned to be the rule of thumb is have your kick/main percussion at -2db and your bass at -4db, can be higher to taste but thats where i always start it at when im doing the mixdown. ill edit this post when i get home to my good headphones so i can listen to your track edit: yup that feels about right, heavy kick
  2. thx yah i wish i had gotten to spend more time on #3 coulda turned it into something good. sucks having to start all over. you got AIM or MSN or something? we can try a project if you wana
  3. yea theres nothing wrong with taking presets and tweaking and filtering them, i think the reason i hate doing it is that the main genre of music i listen to is psytrance, and there's an emphasis on sound design. so to hear just a plan old naked preset, sometimes the first one of a VST.. makes me cringe lol. and yeah superman64 did suck, i hate most super-hero stuff anyway. i think the music on the 64 in general was at the forefront of that whole golden era. Tetrisphere, man.... Tetrisphere.
  4. found the email to my old soundcloud, had some old stuff on there... 1# made it for Rob Raxe, first track on the Black Money album (no vocals on these). inspired by smoov bay area CA life. http://soundcloud.com/sk707/rob-raxe-beat 2# made for Rob Raxe & Deda, for a song about their moms and the impact they had on their lives. http://soundcloud.com/sk707/mommaz 3# unused for anything, less of a rap beat more just whatever. was intended to be a rap beat but i ended up having too much fun. left it as a WIP since it didnt fit what i was looking for at the time. http://soundcloud.com/sk707/wat-it-is of course theres boring spots where the verses go, so.. watch out for that i guess. would love to collab with somebody on any genre, i use fruityloops.
  5. yea i half-heartedly agree about the bass, it's like 0.1 - 0.2 too loud but at the same time it doesnt necessarily drown anything else out so i don't feel too bad about it. i guess what i could have done is put something else in that freq range? most of the synths i crafted myself, i avoid using presets as much as possible. not that they're anything special or anything. n64 is overrated?! we cant be friends anymore!
  6. oh ya i posted a thread with a WIP in it if people wana check it out i want to collab with somebody at some point on some n64 choonage. the only DAW i know how to use is fruityloops. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41007
  7. yea idk man endings and openings are the toughest parts for me lol sounds alright though now. definitely about to pick up that reverb.
  8. i been producing since i think 04, FLS4 was the hot new thing at the time, i was using version 3 though. i have no actual music background so im bad with notes but great with sound design. was originally inspired to learn so i could remix some stuff off of extreme-G from n64 but never got around to it lol. now im gonna do it for real!!
  9. the mixdown is somewhat messy, i feel. also sounds like nothing but sytrus presets from fruityloops, if you are indeed using FLS play around with the mixer board (f9) its crucial. you have inspired me to go play super mario 64 now, brbafk
  10. i feel like a really deep sweeping sub kick would be more in context with the rest of it. the hi-hats are about as crunchy as the snare, doesn't give much of a contrast like that.
  11. i liked the 2nd one most. very chill. first one felt very cliche electro-house to me, kind of a boring genre in general imo. 3rd ones hella loud
  12. wow thats pretty trancey! good filtering. the piano feels just slightly too loud at points. but then again, im not much of a fan of pianos to begin with so that could be why lol. great track, similar style to which i am familiar producing. ahah god im so bad at english, sorry for that last sentence.
  13. this is nice, i dig this kind of music. makes me wish even more that it wasnt so damn hot here lol. could potentially feel more jazzy with portamento slapped onto that sine wave, not sure. something to consider lol. good stuff bro
  14. the mixdown is great, the strings and drums are balanced well and have a good reverb on them imo. the ending is somewhat abrupt, listening a 2nd time the most natural to me is just draw the strings out another bar. might work who knows lol.
  15. i feel like the bass is way too light for a hiphop track. other than that its just about right, im the kind of producer that lives by the philosophy that you can never have "too much" filtering so id throw some extra reverb on the brass and some flange on the snare or something but, thats just me. just buff that bass up by like +4 in the lows, and get it a little "louder" and "full" in general and itd be even better
  16. hello all, just registered here figured id get some posts in... ive been producing on and off for a good number of years now, self-taught entirely though. tough way to learn. anyway heres a work-in-progress track that ill be unable to ever finish since my computer got messed up and i lost all my files. http://soundcloud.com/eskae-1/fraggle-rocks i can produce a lot of other genres and styles, but thats pretty much the kind of sounds i like to work with. id love to collab with others on some content for ocremix. favorite system is n64. get at me
  17. hello all, been a fan of ocremix for a long time but just now registered. started producing in fruityloops when FL4 was the newest version, whole reason i started producing was to remake music from a certain game on the n64. many years later i'm finally getting around to it lol. figured id post here get my post count up a little bit. i look forward to posting some of my work here, maybe get some tips.
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