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rap beats!


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found the email to my old soundcloud, had some old stuff on there...

1# made it for Rob Raxe, first track on the Black Money album (no vocals on these). inspired by smoov bay area CA life.


2# made for Rob Raxe & Deda, for a song about their moms and the impact they had on their lives.


3# unused for anything, less of a rap beat more just whatever. was intended to be a rap beat but i ended up having too much fun. left it as a WIP since it didnt fit what i was looking for at the time.


of course theres boring spots where the verses go, so.. watch out for that i guess.

would love to collab with somebody on any genre, i use fruityloops. :grin:

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2# song has a great melody. I dunno if it's just me but the bass is too much.

3# cool atmosphere, it sounds like a sneak song (think MGS) except the 2 melody lines that come in.

I've never done a collab but I'm up for it. I use FL too.

thx yah i wish i had gotten to spend more time on #3 coulda turned it into something good. sucks having to start all over. you got AIM or MSN or something? we can try a project if you wana :<

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