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Chrono Trigger Gato's Theme


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You're doing well with this song or maybe change it to dubstep, it sound nice around 1:20 and later. Another observation that I can show you is that you could use more mid frequency instruments. It should enhance your sound.

I know its is your WIP v1 so I hope this isn't much criticism.

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Hi Cash and Change

It's not easy to make a remix when the source material is only about 10 seconds long. But you did a good job.

I really like the parts at 1:20 and 1:58 (the first part is also nice), I like the grooves. Maybe you could seperate those parts a bit more. Because now it sounds to me like two buildups one after the other.

You could experiment with the form of the song. let's see, we have A (0:19), B (1:21), C (1:59) and A (2:30).

Here's an example: A, B then A again and C (Build up and climax).

It's only a suggestion but maybe it can give you some ideas.

Keep it up.

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