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  1. Nostalvania

    Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    When i was a kid i played Batman on the Nes. I made it to the boss several times, but i wasn't able to beat the Joker and finally gave up. A more recent example: A few months ago I bought Shovel Knight, i actually finished the regular game but i wanted to beat the new game + too. Unfortunately i failed at the part where you have to fight all the bosses again.
  2. Thanks Dylan. I actually used some different chords and a slower tempo for the A section at 2:33, to also have that more calm feel of the original (kinda). New version:
  3. Nostalvania

    Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    I agree, it's very hard but not impossible. I actually did beat the game like about 10+ years later when i bought a snes again. Btw. the last level is like a walk in the park compared to the previous ones. Something that always bothered me a bit about Battlemaniacs (never played the one on NES but i think it's about the same there) is that after the second level it becomes some sort of obstacle race. The first levels were so cool, you could actually *fight*, i mean they're called Battletoads for a reason! I digress...
  4. Nostalvania

    Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    Oh yeah, Battletoads! I actually managed to beat that level back in the day. In my case it was the snake level that made me quit the game.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the A section might get a bit repetitive, i'll try to add some more variation, maybe from 1:43 and in the second A (or even earlier).
  6. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a remix of DDD from SM64. I actually played the melody from memory, so it might sound a bit different than the original. It's still unfinished (hence the abrupt ending lol). I didn't do much in terms of mixing, so i guess it will need some work in that regard too. Box: Soundcloud:
  7. Nostalvania

    OCR03466 - Mega Man 3 "Rock My Socket"

    Thanks for the kind words! @Mordi Actually both, the bass and violin are "fake" (sequenced).
  8. Really nice! Just after listening to this, i went to YT and checked the whole OST, and this source track was my favourite
  9. Nostalvania

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    I'm remixing Ice Mountain/Lava Path, Substantial WIP.
  10. Nostalvania

    OCR03389 - Rollerball "Sky-High Rollers"

    Excellent Work, that phat funky bass is awesome! The piano part at 1:33 was nice too
  11. Nostalvania

    wip Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    I think the melody (and the arpeggio thingy) itself actually sound fine, it's the chord of the E-piano that makes it sound odd IMO (you used a minor chord, but the melody plays a major third).
  12. Nostalvania

    wip Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    Pretty nice, very smooth an chill. However, i know it was on purpose, but i personally wasn't so a fan of those stop/glitch effects towards the end, they caught me a bit off guard, so i can understand The Damned's reservations regarding that section. Another small thing: There is a note in the melody of the B-part that always clashes with the chords, at 2:38 and 3:30 (A over Fmin7), which sounds quite jarring. Maybe you could try to change the chord to a F7 on that particular point to avoid dissonance. Anyways, cool stuff.
  13. Nostalvania

    wip SMW - Sub Castle BGM (Reggae/Jazz)

    @timaeus222 I agree about the drums (and everything else actually), especially the rim click is a bit too quiet. I'd say the snare is more present, but yeah, it could be louder. I'm aware of that the trombone sounds pretty fake, and of course a live instrument would be great. Actually, i know a trombone player, maybe i'll ask him? Hmm, maybe i'm gonna change the ending from major to minor (like in the intro), or just try to find a better transition to the major key.
  14. Nostalvania

    wip SMW - Sub Castle BGM (Reggae/Jazz)

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll try to improve the mixing, and I agree about the ending, it's less-than-ideal.
  15. @eggsngaming Hey, that's cool, thanks for using my music on the CD! Yeah, i've had some fun making this ReMix, especially with the bass part. I love to write bass lines